Speed Read: Eli Manning’s Brother Is OK QB Too

Remember way back in October, when the Indianapolis Colts were 3-4 and their playoff hopes looked completely dead in the water? What a difference a couple of months make. Last night’s 31-24 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars was the team’s eighth straight, clinching a playoff berth and as the INDIANAPOLIS STAR notes, made them the first team ever to win 11 or more games in six straight seasons. And Tony Dungy became the first coach since the merger to make the playoffs in ten straight years.

Peyton Manning vs the Jacksonville Jaguars

All impressive, but the star of the night was Peyton Manning. You might not have noticed, but after struggling a bit during the team’s early slump, Peyton’s stepped out of his little brother Eli’s shadow, putting together a string of great performances despite not having a run game to speak of. And last night might have been his best yet: 364 yards and three touchdowns, including completing his first 17 passes in a row.

If he keeps this up, he might get some endorsements in the future. The game was a bit of a letdown for Jaguars fans, but their highlight had to come before the game, when paralyzed lineman Richard Collier took the field in a wheelchair with his teammates. No jokes there, just a Christmas wish that no other NFL players (or athletes) are the victims of needless crime in 2009.

Meanwhile, the NFL wants you to become a narc. Not about drugs (so please stop following Ricky Williams around, thanks), but about unruly fan behavior. USA TODAY reports that NFL teams are giving fans a way to report obnoxious fans to stadium security by sending a text message.

Text message sign for unruly NFL fans

It’s more discreet than having to find a security guard and point someone out, but it does lend itself to “prank texts” of people wanting to kick people out of the stadium. For example, Buffalo fans shouldn’t text message security and demand that Dick Jauron is kicked out of the stadium for “impersonating an NFL head coach.” Note: the Saints, Rams and Titans don’t offer this service, so feel free to act like complete cretins at these games.

You can choose one QB at their peak to build your dream team around. Who’s your pick?

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NASCAR Harassment Suit Getting Even Messier

For those of you who had forgotten, NASCAR is being sued for $225 million by a black, female former official who is claiming that the organization fostered a culture of rampant sexual and racial harassment. As a refresher, her claims include that she was called ‘Nappy Headed Mo’ and ‘Queen Sheba’ and told she worked on ‘colored people time’ by supervisors, and that she was subject to lewd jokes and sexual advances. Basically, everything in the “good ol’ boy” stereotype that NASCAR wants you (and their sponsors) to think doesn’t exist anymore.

Former NASCAR official Mauricia Grant

As ugly as the story was from the beginning, this AP article shows that it’s getting far worse. The story details several character issues involving Mauricia Grant, the ex-Nationwide Series inspector who is at the heart of the case. This includes a DUI arrest and having had a restraining order taken out against her by a former boyfriend. NASCAR, of course, is smugly claiming that this essentially proves that she is a person of low moral standing and should not be trusted, while Grant’s lawyers say that her past and her allegations against NASCAR have nothing to do with each other.

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NASCAR Can’t Outrun $225M Harassment Lawsuit

Mauricia Grant, an African-American female, filed a $225 million suit against NASCAR based on multiple counts of sexual harassment and discrimination before she was fired last October. In other news, an African-American woman worked for NASCAR?


The knee-jerk reaction to the suit conjures up the lyrics to the old Dukes of Hazard theme. Just some good ol’ boys, and so forth. But the pending litigation shows just how far the Southern-based racing league has been pushed into a big-city spotlight.

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