Hansbrough, Tar Heels Help Save Seizure Victim

All leg injuries aside, Tyler Hansbrough has a pretty good life. He’s the reigning college basketball player of the year, he goes to school on a gorgeous campus in a warm climate and he can probably choose from a full crop of co-eds. Well, if that sounds good, you can add “hero” to the superlatives the man from Poplar Bluff, Missouri already has on his resume.

hansbrough trophy

After rolling through a completely overmatched field at the Maui Invitational, North Carolina flew back to Chapel Hill on Thanksgiving Day. But, according to Jason King of YAHOO, when their plane backed out of its gate, a man was discovered unconscious. When flight attendants asked for help, Hansbrough, teammate Deon Thompson and video coordinator Eric Hoots ran to the man’s seat, lifted him out and carried him back into the airport, where he received first aid for half an hour and was then transported to a nearby hospital.

There you go, Tyler Hansbrough: paramedic. That might have seemed out of his grasp from the sound of his post-game interviews, but now we know better. Of course, he probably has ample practice with broken noses and facial contusions, so maybe he has a leg up on med school.

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80 Foot Wave Crushes Laird Hamilton Who Then Saves Partners Life

HAMILTON CRUSHED BY 80-FOOT WAVE, BARELY SURVIVES: The HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN reports that some of the largest waves ever seen in Maui surfaced Monday, and famed surfer Laird Hamilton and his surf partner, Brett Lickle, were nearly killed trying to ride them.

Laird Hamilton

Lickle towed Hamilton on a jet ski to one of the waves, which eventually wiped them both out. In the impact, Lickle’s calf muscle was torn in half and was hanging off his leg.

Laird Hamilton

Hamilton eventually located Lickle (after a 15 minute swim) and tore his wetsuit off to use as a torniquet, probably saving Lickle’s lower leg. It took 56 staples to close the wound, but Lickle should recover fully.

Laird Hamilton Gabby Reece

If it’s any consolation to Hamilton, at least he had something warm and cozy to go home to.