Texas Steers Ohio St. Toward Another BCS Defeat

• The Longhorns help rustle up yet another BCS bust by the Buckeyes.

Colt McCoy Texas Ohio State Fiesta Bowl

• We’re happy to share the sights of San Francisco with SbB Girl Wendy.

• Ex-Cub Lee Smith saves up hope that he’ll be called to the Hall of Fame.

• Speaking of the Baby Bears, will Sam Zell FINALLY sell?

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SbB Caption Contest: ‘Horns Helped By Hollywood

Hey, readers! Time for another enthralling SbB Clever Caption Contest!

Today, we take a look back at last night’s fascinating Fiesta Bowl. Just how were the Longhorns able to rally & best the Buckeyes? By scanning the sidelines, we come across a sight more inspiring to UT fans than Bevo belching “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You”: Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey Texas Longhorns

What’s this Hollywood hunk hollerin’ about? Submit your suggestions into the comments section listed below. Winner will be announced in the end-of-they-day recap, with a chance to claim your own DVD copy of “Failure To Launch” - to throw in the trash at your own leisure.

Good luck & good writing! Or Matt will sign up to do “Failure To Launch 2″.

Matt Damon Gets In Shape By Running Triathlon

While we make no guarantees around here about trying to be “equal opportunity” when it comes to showing scantily-clad images of males and females, every now and then we’re forced by law to provide some visual stimulation for the ladies in the form of a dreamy, hunky superstar actor. Which is why we’re broadcasting the following image:

Fatt Damon

(You’re welcome, girls)

The above image is Matt Damon filming his role for the upcoming movie The Informant. It’s also, obviously, why he felt he needed to get back into shape by running part of yesterday’s Escape to Miami triathlon. No way folks are going to flock to the next Jason Bourne movie if the star’s got a gut like that.
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Lance Armstrong Riding Back Out Of the Sunset

Looks like Americans are once again going to care about skinny men riding bicycles through the mountains of France: Lance Armstrong is giving up his nightly outings with Matthew McConaughey to return to the world of cycling.

Lance Armstrong

The plan is thus: Armstrong, who turns 37 this month, will race in the Amgen Tour in California, Paris-Nice, the Tour de Georgia and the Dauphine-Libere before returning to the Tour de France next year, which he’s already dominated 7 times. The best part about it? According to MSNBC, he’ll be doing it “for no salary or bonuses”. Just for the pure love of the game.

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Texan Feels For Bucs Rookie End Reminds Of Mcconaughey Armstrong


Texan feels for Bucs' rookie end

Either that, or “Bro-mance“.