Kornheiser’s MNF Role Kaput, Here Comes Chucky

Tony Kornheiser has called it quits with his “Monday Night Football” gig. In his place will be ex-Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden.

Tony Kornheiser Jon Gruden

• And we’re sure Chucky will get along great with his new employer, since he’s had so many nice things to say about the Worldwide Leader before.

Hedo Turkoglu’s heroics help the Orlando Magic curse the Celtics to no title repeat this year.

Padraig Harrington is now taking golf tips from “Happy Gilmore“.

• In response to the Matthew Johns group sex scandal, some are calling for the banishment of cheerleaders from Australian pro rugby matches.

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Vasquez Gets Vicious After Receiving Racial Slurs

• Why did LaLa Vasquez get into some vicious verbal jawing with Mavericks fans? Because she claims she was receiving racist taunts.

LaLa Vasquez

• What the Hellman’s? USC basketball coach Tim Floyd supposedly spent $1,000 to get some Mayo.

• Huzzah! NASCAR events can trace their roots back to Medieval times.

• Ex-NBA player Corie Blount is sentenced to one year in prison for having too many blunts, but not without a final jab from the presiding judge: “Cheech And Chong would have a hard time smoking that much.”

• Since we’ve already covered the Miami Caliente, it’s only fair that we also take a look at the Lingerie Football League’s other Florida franchise - the Tampa Breeze.

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Aussie Rugby Stars In Hot Water Over Group Sex

Another day, another Australian rugby group sex scandal. Matthew Johns, a popular ex-player and current TV commentator, was fired from his job after he admitted to participating in an 11-man, 1-woman escapade at hotel room in New Zealand a few years back. Because really, what’s better than enjoying some intimate moments with a lady with 10 other dudes in the room?

Matthew Johns

Johns is a married man, of course, and the woman in question barely qualified for that moniker, being 19 at the time. All of this is part of an ABC (that’s Australian Broadcasting Corp.) investigation into the questionable sexual behavior of professional rugby players in their country. And based on the allegations flying around, Chris Hansen should be on the next plane to Sydney.

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