Down Syndrome Teen Scores TD; People Complain

Normally, this would seem like one of the most heart-warming stories of the year; to most people, it still is. Last week, St. Joseph Benton’s freshman team scored a late touchdown to avoid a 46-0 shutout. The ball-carrier, Matt Ziesel, is just 5′3″ and 115 pounds… and has Down Syndrome.

Matt Zeisel

As you’ve probably already surmised, the play was set up specifically for Matt, and opposing Maryville only provided enough defense to make it seem real for Ziesel; they “chased” him, but they weren’t going to hit him. Like rush defense in the Big XII, basically. Ziesel scored with a convoy of teammates cheering him on - video is after the break - and everybody was happy, right? Erm, no. Because this is the Internet, and people on the Internet are horrible.

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