Best Part Of SB Week (Besides Alex Smith’s Wife)

We don’t need to tell you that just because there are a lot of people doing the sports blogging thing doesn’t mean those blogs are worth reading. But when it comes to the Super Bowl, some choice bloggers saved Super Bowl week for us.

Alex Smith's Wife Carson Palmer Chris Mottram

First off, they made us realize that we should never, ever consider attending the week-long media charade leading up to the game - at least as a reporter. Second, over the past five days those folks have actually had the temerity to make things interesting. Not because the people and events covered were worthy of note, but because of the comedic and insightful writings of those bloggers. So here they are:

Chris Mottram of the THE SPORTING BLOG. Be sure and check out his “stalker” photo essay - which is the funniest thing we saw all week. More importantly, check out the photo of Alex Smith’s smokin’ wife.

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‘Boys Will Be Back, If They Can Find Their Keys

DEADSPIN finds this amusing anecdote on Matt Mosley’s HASHMARKS (MyESPN!) about Wade Phillips losing his keys after Dallas lost to the Giants yesterday: “I watched Phillips wander into the training room and lean on his mammoth left tackle, Flozell Adams. He sort of collapsed into Adams, who looked a bit startled. Phillips was greeted outside by his wife and daughter, who appeared to be crying.

Wade Phillips

He loaded up his Lincoln Navigator, but then realized he didn’t have the keys. In one last moment of indignity, Phillips walked around the tunnel asking if anyone had his keys.

We don’t know what’s funnier, Phillips losing his keys (ONSTAR anyone?), Phillips collapsing into Flozell Adams’ arms, or the name Flozell. We really hope Jerry Jones brings Phillips back. We love his obvious lack of control over the team, and the extra excitement that the prospect of his daughter showing up in the tabloids brings.

Jason Garrett looks like he should be an Entomological professor at Princeton. Don’t even dare, Jer.