‘Dogs Bite, Deacs Choke, Tech Exhales, Bulls Roll

Teams that were supposed to win won, and players that were supposed to perform performed, as the day’s early games seemed just an appetizer for the big OSU-Michigan and Texas-Mizzou tilts.

Knowshon Moreno

(The closest Vandy came to stopping Moreno all day).

As Knowshon Moreno goes, so goes the Georgia Bulldogs. Vanderbilt found that out the hard way, falling to UGA 24-14 in the early slate’s only matchup of ranked teams. Moreno trampled the Commdores for a season-high 172 yards, touching the ball on more than a third of Georgia’s snaps. Freshman AJ Green, who is becoming one of Matthew Stafford’s favorite targets, had 132 yards and a touchdown.

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Neuheisel Takes Helicopter To HS Football Game

• Need to make it to a high school football game on time? Just do like Rick Neuheisel does - call in the choppers!

Rick Neuheisel Blue Thunder helicopter

• Maybe Vince Young knew what was going to happen when he didn’t want to go back on the field on Sunday.

• Sorry, Chad - no Ocho Cinco game jersey for you this week.

• With Brady bounced for the year, are New England Patriots fans ready to rally ’round the Cassel?

• One Colts fan bucks at the thought of paying $1,280 for brand-new stadium seats that turn out to have obstructed views.

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UCF Fans Ring Up More Hatred Toward QB Grothe

Last year’s game between South Florida and Central Florida brought us word that UCF fans had been “poking” USF quarterback Matt Grothe’s Facebook account — several million times. But this year, Golden Knights supporters have even further escalated their hatred of the Bulls QB.

Matt Grothe USF girls

After the Bulls bested the Knights in a thrilling overtime battle Saturday, it was revealed UCF fans had obtained Grothe’s cell phone number and gone to town texting and calling him. His father even received a death threat.

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Red Sox’s Gagne Getting Defaced On Facebook

RILED-UP RED SOX FANS DEFACING GAGNE ON FACEBOOK: Red Sox Nation is going through a slight depression, now that Boston is behind 2-1 in the ALCS. Lots of fans are blaming Eric Gagne, who helped open the floodgates of the Indians’ 7-run 11th inning in Game 2.

Eric Gagne Red Sox

As a result, SPORTSBLAHG has discovered many groups popping up on the Facebook social site, all in the name of lambasting the relief pitcher.A selection of the more-printable ones (with the original spellings & grammar) include:

• Americans for Deporting Eric Gagne
• If Gagne blows another game i am going to flip
• Newest Red Sox curse: Eric Gagne
• Eric Gagne Comes into the Game, Go to a Different Room
• All Eric Gagne does is blow saves
• Designate Gagne for Assignment
• Eric Gagne Depreciation Group
• Eric Gagne: Yankee Saboteur?
• Eric Gagne Hurt My Feelings
• Eric Gagne Should Consider Suicide
• Eric Gagne ruined my picturesque playoffs
• Eric Gagne for Prezident (Description: Chokes harder than Bush on a pretzel)
• Isn’t it ironic that Eric Gagne’s last name means “to win” in French??
• Eric Gagne should be kicked in the balls by everyone in New England.

Do these Facebook follies actually yield results? Will Sox owner John Henry soon ship out the beleaguered reliever?

Matt Grothe USF Facebook

Better ask the folks at Central Florida. Last week, a whole bunch of UCF fans poked the account of South Florida QB Matt Grothe like crazy before their big encounter. But the poking ploy backfired, as the Bulls ran all over the Knights, 64-12.

Facebook Being Used To Poke Some Fun At South Florida QB Matt Grothe

SOUTH FLORIDA QB CAN’T DEAL WITH FACEBOOK POKERS: The dark clouds of hatred are growing between two rising programs in the Sunshine State. How do we know the animosity is getting serious? Just ask Facebook:

Matt Grothe USF Facebook

The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES logs in with news that the online socializing site is being used by fans to mess with South Florida QB Matt Grothe.The #5 Bulls will be facing Central Florida this Saturday at a sold-out Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. In the days leading up to the I-4 rivalry, many Knights fans have been ‘poking’ the USF QB’s Facebook page.

As explained on the site, a poke is a way to interact with other Facebook members, calling it “a feature without any specific purpose.” But UCF faithful have found a purpose - to annoy the rival QB.

Grothe laments, “I’ve probably been poked three or four times by other schools all year. I’ve probably been poked about 6 million times this week.”

Matt Grothe USF girls

But the South Florida signal-caller is trying not to let the Facebook foolery get to him: “It’s kind of funny. Some of those people…I don’t know.”It’s a shame some would stoop to such shenanigans to harass an opposing player before a big matchup. But if you have a Facebook account, try poking Matt here.