MLB Bust Matt Bush Arrest Video a Crying Shame

You might remember Matt Bush as the San Diego Padres’ No. 1 overall pick in the 2004 draft. More likely, you remember him from later roles, including “Padres Top Draft Pick in Drunken Brawl (Parts I and II),” “Padres Cut Top Draft Pick After He Drunkenly Hurls Lacrosse Player” and “Blue Jays Cut Former Padres Top Draft  After He Drunkenly Chucks Baseball At Woman’s Head.

Matt Bush baseball card

(Probably about as valuable as a Vince Coleman rookie card.)

What he lacks in versatility he seems to make up for in commitment to character: the guy was born to play a drunken idiot. So it comes as little surprise the THE SPORTING BLOG has news of his latest part: “Former Draft Pick Bawling His Eyes Out After DUI Arrest.” And judging by the video of the performance after the jump, this could be his finest performance to date:

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MLB Top Pick Out After Fastball at Woman’s Head

Former top pick Matt Bush found a second chance with the Toronto Blue Jays two months ago after being released by the San Diego Padres following his last escapade: attacking high school lacrosse students while shouting, “I’m Matt (naughty word) Bush!”.

Passed out drunk and drawn upon

(If you do this to Matt Bush, he will end you)

He will now get to test the axiom about charms and third times as the Blue Jays have tossed him from the birdcage unceremoniously.  He spent his brief time with the minor league Dunedin (FL) Blue Jays allegedly throwing a baseball at a young woman’s head and banging on her car window because she might have been the one to draw on his face while he was passed out.

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Ex-#1 MLB Pick Cut After Tossing Lacrosse Player

One-time #1 overall pick Matt Bush has been set free by the San Diego Padres so he can pursue his apparent first love: getting drunk and hitting things. Gotta chase the dream, y’know?

Bush plead guilty to crimes related to being publicly intoxicated and swinging his fists in 2004 (when he was 18) and got into another brawl during spring training last year. But nothing can top the latest allegations that gave the Padres the excuse they desired to cut him loose and make room for Cliff Floyd (no kidding).

Matt Bush

El Cajon, CA, police are currently investigating claims that Bush (for reasons left to the imagination) drove his Mercedes to Granite Hills High School, flung a golf club at a boys’ lacrosse player, picked up another player and flung him to the ground, and swung at a third player. (Ironically, this would be the first hit he’s had in three years.)

Then, in a coda Keith Hernandez could be proud of, Bush allegedly shouted, “I’m Matt (fill-in-the-blank) Bush!” and “(cussing-Mad-Lib) East County!” before leaping into his car, driving up over a curb, and exiting stage left. We expect comment from the East County Tourist Board by close of business today.
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Wrigley Fans Do Not Enjoy Charlie Weis’ Singing

• The Friendly Confines aren’t so friendly toward Charlie Weis’ singing.

Charlie Weis Cubs Horry Kow

Because Cubs fans certainly know what’s tasteful & what isn’t.

• Smog, human rights abuses, slow internet connection with too many banned sites - the Beijing Olympics will have it all!

Tony Stewart once again demonstrates his cool trackside manner.

• Two MMA fighters get attacked & Tasered in a robbery attempt by a bunch of Canadians? What’s that all aboot?

• An assistant football coach quits after his players egg his car & home.

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Padres’ Bush Can’t Stay Away From Basebrawls

Is there any way we can pass a law that takes half the money professional athletes picked in the first round earn and hide in escrow for a few years until they prove their complete worth and/or don’t become irreparably harmful to society? Yeah, probably not.

Matt Bush

But sometimes it seems like a good idea. Like with Matt Bush, who not only has zero business getting first overall pick money from the San Diego Padres (they passed on Justin Verlander among many others), but who cannot seem to stay away from fights. The SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE punches up his latest bit of trouble and it may involve him getting hurt … but it might not be his fault!

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