ND Player Adds 43 Lbs Of ‘Lean Muscle’ In 4 Mos.?

Jeff Carroll of the SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE (via EDSBS) has a stupefying claim by Charlie Weis about Notre Dame offensive lineman Sam Young:

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(image from JOE SPORTS FAN)

Let’s suspend disbelief and buy a 43-pound weight gain by right tackle Sam Young in approximately four months, a feat accomplished, Weis said, without the benefit of any additional body fat. A triumph attained, indeed, “just by adding lean muscle.”

Yes, we know, you beat us to it: “So what does Charlie Weis know about lean muscle?”

Carroll’s piece is actually about the pathetic performance of the ND offensive line last season, which gave up more sacks than our last, late night trip to White Castle. Read more…