Test For Steroids - Without Leaving The House!

So you suspect your co-worker’s been hittin’ the Winstrol a little hard because he took your last polite note on the fridge to occasionally clean it out and placed it in the freezer. With his fist. Without opening the freezer door.

So you suspect your kid’s been cycling DHEA, THG, and andro at 12-week intervals because she asked where your beard trimmer was in a frighteningly low voice.

Kevin Randleman

(Kevin Randleman reminds you that it’s impossible to cheat a urine test)

What do you do? Do you approach your co-worker and ask how you can reach mutual understanding on the fuzz that has grown in the crisper for so long that it’s joined the profit-sharing plan? Do you reach out to your child and speak about the issue frankly based on the lifetime of trust you’ve built with her?

No, of course not: you steal a sample of their urine and send it off for a handy $145.99 steroid test!

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