Revenge Best Served As $500K B-Ball Shot Prank

Back in 2007, COLLEGE HUMOR presented a prank of epic proportions, as Amir Blumenfeld set up a fake marriage proposal at Yankee Stadium under the guise of his buddy Streeter, with hilarious & heartbreaking results.

Half court shot prank

But now it’s time Streeter got his revenge, and he finally gets back at Amir, thanks to a phony half-million-dollar halftime basketball shot. Video of Streeter’s pricey payback starts after the jump.

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Speed Read: Clippers Beat Celtics, Panic Ensues

I’m not going to suggest that the Boston Celtics weren’t completely focused last night, but…for God’s sake, they lost to the freakin’ Los Angeles Clippers! I know that they were without Kevin Garnett, and then Paul Pierce dislocated his thumb in the third quarter. And I know that the axiom that there are no easy road games in the NBA.

Zach Randolph

Except when you are playing the Los Angeles Clippers - I don’t care where you play them or what the circumstances are, that should be an “easy game” for any team. If they can’t beat the Clippers, then I guess we can eliminate the Celtics as legitimate NBA Finals contenders. We might as well go ahead and crown the Lakers…

Clippers vs Celtics

…who lost to Sacramento earlier this year, who actually somehow have managed to be worse this season than the Clippers. OK then, how about the Cavaliers?  What, they lost to Washington earlier this season? We’re going to wind up with the Spurs as champions again, aren’t we. The point is: it was a really, really bad loss, but no worse than any other team has during the course of a season. Let’s not freak out to much about it yet.

Nothing against Nolan Smith, but doesn’t anyone who isn’t a Duke fan feel good about seeing a Blue Devil get laid out by a vicious screen? Maryland’s Dave Neal was the one delivering the shot, flooring Smith and causing Mike Krzyzewski to fume. Smith had to be helped off the court but didn’t appear to be seriously injured, allowing us to enjoy our little moment of schadenfreude:

Of course, as the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER points out, that screen might have been the worst thing that could have happened to the Terrapins, as Duke’s Gerald Henderson came out of the ensuing time out as a man on a mission, scoring 11 of his 19 points in the game’s final 15 minutes and change afterward. Or, it could just be that Duke is a much better team than possibly NIT-bound Maryland; either way, Duke won 78-67.

Indiana Hoosiers

Meanwhile, this is how bad it’s gotten for Indiana: they were swept by Northwestern. The Wildcats did what would have seemed improbable going into this season, breaking a 35-game losing streak at Indiana on Wednesday with a 75-53 victory. Then again, even with a young, inexperienced team, thinking that Indiana would be 6-21 overall or 1-14 in the Big Ten would have been pretty loopy before the season started.

More sports news as you fire up your NES and decide whether to play “Wrestle Jam” as Randy “The Ram” Robinson or The Ayatollah:

  • Remember those Powerade commercials that had LeBron James sinking one full-court shot after another to the amazement of a local reporter. After watching this pre-game video found by BALL DON’T LIE of King James swishing a more than half-court shot - underhanded- I’m starting to wonder how much editing trickery was used:

  • Congratulations to Connecticut coach Jim Calhoun for notching his 800th career victory, a 93-82 victory over Marquette. Go buy yourself something nice and extravagent, and make sure you send the receipt to that idiot writer.
  • Further proof that Alex Rodriguez just doesn’t get it: FOX SPORTS says that after hitting a home run in his first Spring Training game, he left the stadium in an SUV … with his cousin Yuri Sucart, the same cousin who was allegedly his steroid supplier.
  • Updating a story about 82-year-old former professional wrestling star Verne Gagne allegedly killing his assisted-living center roommate, the AP says a coroner in Minnesota has ruled the death a homicide.
  • REUTERS says Australian swimmer Nick D’Arcy - pulled from the Olympic team after allegedly caving in another athlete’s face during a barroom brawl while celebrating making the team - will have to wait another month to learn his fate.
  • I know it’s from the Celebrity Game during All-Star Weekend, so it’s a little bit old, but seeing ESPN’s Jon Barry bite this hard on the old Harlem Globetrotters “Confetti in the Bucket” trick is worth it. Didn’t he ever watch the Globetrotters on “Wide World of Sports” as a kid?:

  • Another day, another investment scam impacting sports. This time NEWSDAY reports that two former New York Islanders executives have been arrested and charged with “with misappropriating more than $500 million in client investments, including tens of millions allegedly taken for things like expensive stallions and pricey Teddy bears.”
  • More news in the slow, inevitable slog towards Manny Ramirez finally signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers:  the LA TIMES reports that the team has made him a two-year, $45 million offer that he could respond to as early as today.
  • CANES COUNTRY has another sign that either newspapers are dying or economy is falling through a well (or both): the News & Observer has decided to not send reporters to Carolina Hurricanes away games, likely for the rest of the season and possibly beyond.
  • The PALM BEACH POST reports that Michael Jordan and his 30-year-old paramour, Cuban model Yvette Prieto, are moving in together in a house in suburban Miami. Michael: if you find Charlie Sheen coming out of your house at odd hours of the night, you have bigger things to worry about than your underwear.
  • Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan

Other than Indiana, which former big-time college basketball program has fallen the farthest this season?

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Terps Player Tells Booing Fans: Shut The F*** Up

Booing never makes much sense. Sure, there are fans who say things like “I was booing the coach, not the players,” or the like, but you can’t make some people on the field/court/rink/chess table hear it and not others. It’s a boo. And unless it’s for a crappy call by the ref, it only compounds a frustrating situation for the athletes. That, and it reflects very poorly on the fan base as a whole.

Greivis Beard Disaster
(By the way, if they were booing his ridiculous beard thing, all commentary below is recalled.)

Maryland basketballer Greivis Vasquez is acutely aware of this, which made for a positively frosty night in College Park last night. According to the WASHINGTON POST (thanks, MR. IRRELEVANT), Vasquez violated Rule #1 of Booing Management 101, which is simple: never, ever, ever engage the fans. When booed after a missed free throw or a bad play, he shushed the fans with his finger or told them to, ahem, “shut the (expletive) up.” Over and over. Read more…

‘Dogs Bite, Deacs Choke, Tech Exhales, Bulls Roll

Teams that were supposed to win won, and players that were supposed to perform performed, as the day’s early games seemed just an appetizer for the big OSU-Michigan and Texas-Mizzou tilts.

Knowshon Moreno

(The closest Vandy came to stopping Moreno all day).

As Knowshon Moreno goes, so goes the Georgia Bulldogs. Vanderbilt found that out the hard way, falling to UGA 24-14 in the early slate’s only matchup of ranked teams. Moreno trampled the Commdores for a season-high 172 yards, touching the ball on more than a third of Georgia’s snaps. Freshman AJ Green, who is becoming one of Matthew Stafford’s favorite targets, had 132 yards and a touchdown.

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Blog-O-Rama: Ric Flair Retiring? Go Figure (Four)

• WOOO! The CHARLESTON (SC) POST & COURIER slams down news that Ric Flair may be retiring from the ring.

Steve Spurrier Ric Flair

(The Nature Boy Ric Flair with the Call-To-Nature Boy Steve Spurrier)

• The BBC boogies over word that soccer players in the Ivory Coast like to celebrate goals by jiggling their gluteus maximus.

• GIANTS FOOTBALL BLOG looks for a new moon over Lambeau Field, as Brett Favre may be favoring Randy Moss.

• Meanwhile, Mike Sando of ESPN’s HASHMARKS examines the riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a mystery that is the (for now) Patriots receiver.

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Raycom Cameramen Might Just Be Germaphobes

One of the great disappointments of our life is the camera coverage of last night’s Raycom telecast featuring Maryland and Virginia Tech.

As Dan Steinberg of the WASHINGTON POST and Brian Powell of THE SPORTING BLOG report, Virginia Tech’s Dorenzo Hudson vomited during a free throw attempt last night, and sadly the camera coverage was rather lacking.

The cleanup process was fun to watch though, thanks to the germaphobic tendencies of the presiding officials.

Terps Women’s B-Ball Coach Gives Birth To Twins

Brenda Frese, the Maryland women’s basketball coach that continued on the court even while eight months pregnant, has given birth to twins.

Brenda Frese Maryland coach pregnant

The DIAMONDBACK ONLINE - Maryland’s student newspaper, not an Arizona MLB blog - announced that Frese had delivered two bouncing baby boys last Sunday morning. Both mom & kids reportedly doing fine. Seven hours later, Frese received word of another blessed event. Read more…

At Least One ACC Williams Won Wednesday Night

ACC coaching legend and former national champion Williams had a big win Wednesday night.

Roy Williams Gary Williams

No, not that Williams. The other one.

The BALTIMORE SUN reports that Maryland’s Gary Williams clinched his 600th career win with a 70-65 victory over Boston College. He becomes the 8th active college coach to reach the 600-win milestone. (He would have been 9th, if a certain Knight hadn’t called it a day.)

Meanwhile, Roy Williams saw his Tar Heels go down to Duke 89-78 - in the Dean Dome, no less - giving North Carolina only its 2nd loss of the season. The Dookies were undoubtedly inspired by the return of one of their biggest fans. Awesome, baby!

Maryland Basketball Is Already On The Bubble

When the women’s basketball highlights hit, we’re usually up to get some vacuuming done, so we had no idea that apparently the head coach of the women’s basketball team at Maryland, Brenda Frese, is eight months pregnant and still coaching.

Brenda Frese 8 Months Pregnant

(Someone somewhere is somehow making this sexual)

She’s got twins on the way, hasn’t missed a practice this season, and the Terrapins are currently 22-1 and ranked third in the nation.

ESPN has video of her in *action* after the jump.

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Blog-O-Rama: Pats’ “Super Bowl Shuffle” Rebuttal

• CAN’T STOP THE BLEEDING digs up the Pats’ putrid rebuttal to the ‘85 Bears’ Super Bowl Shuffle:

• ODENIZED discovers Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz can’t get any help moving.

• Meanwhile, POST GAME HEROES shows how the Pittsburgh Penguins purchase their BMWs - while acting rather badly.

• FAN IQ spots Dominique Wilkins as a slam dunk judge - for the NHL All-Star Game:

Dominique Wilkins NHL All-Star judge

• Racist comments aren’t just for LSU fans anymore, as SCOTT VAN PELT STYLE hears a female Tar Heels fan telling the Maryland Terps to “Go back to the ghetto!

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