Beasley Admits NCAA Sins, Implicates Huggins

Eric Prisbell and Steve Yanda of the WASHINGTON POST report that as part of a current Maryland Circuit Court case, Michael Beasley recently revealed stunning details about his recruitment to Kansas State and one year-stay at the school.

Bob Huggins Michael Beasley Dalonte Hill

(PDF: See Pages 7-8)

In a counterclaim filed late last month by attorney Mark A. Smith on behalf of Beasley against his former NBA agent Joel Bell, the ex-Kansas State star reported in Montgomery County Circuit Court documents that former Kansas State basketball head coach Bob Huggins hired Beasley’s ex-AAU Coach as an assistant coach for the Wildcats essentially in exchange for Beasley attending the school.

From Beasley’s attorney in court documents dated Sept. 27, 2011:

After (former Beasley AAU Coach) Hill had worked for Charlotte a couple of years, on information and belief, Bob Huggins of Kansas State wanted Beasley, so he offered Hill an assistant coaching job at Kansas State with a salary that ended up being in excess of $420,000. Hill took the job, and Beasley went to Kansas State.

Beasley also submitted to the Maryland Court that the founder of the AAU team he played on before attending K-State, Curtis Malone, was a “runner” for NBA Agent Bell. Beasley further asserted that Malone - via Bell - bankrolled Beasley’s mother’s move to Manhattan so she could be close to her son - among other things.

From Beasley’s court filing: Read more…

Maryland Star: ESPNer ‘Big Factor’ In Going Pro

Steve Yanda of the WASHINGTON POST reports today that ESPN personality Scott Van Pelt, a Maryland alumnus, was cited as a “big factor” by former Maryland basketball player Jordan Williams in his decision to leave the school and enter the 2011 NBA draft.


“(Van Pelt) was a big factor in helping me make my decision (to go pro). Just giving me feedback, what he thought about it. Just trying to make me make the right decision. He did a great job, and I give him a lot of credit for going out of his way.

“He’s a really busy guy, so for him to go out of his way to do that is unbelievable.

“A great guy; a wonderful person. Always trying to reach his hand out and help, even when he doesn’t have to. He’s always using his knowledge and using who he knows to help me out.”

I reached out to Van Pelt today for comment, but have not heard back.

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UMD System Chancellor Not Keen On Leach Hire

The WASHINGTON POST and BALTIMORE SUN reported Saturday Ralph Friedgen has been informed by the University of Maryland he will not return as coach of the football team in 2011.

Mike Leach Adam James

Both outlets also reported that the school has asked Friedgen to “retire” but the coach, who is owed $2 million by the school in 2011, has refused.

I’ve since learned from a source with ties to the Maryland football coaching staff that Friedgen has indeed accepted a buyout of his contract from the school. Friedgen has also agreed to coach the team’s bowl game against East Carolina on Dec. 29. Read more…

It’s Official: NCSU Screwed Out Of Comeback Bid

Maryland ruined NC State’s chances to play in the ACC Championship game with 38-31 win in College Park on Saturday.

Video: NC State gets screwed

With a victory over the Terps, No. 21-ranked N.C. State would have advanced to the league’s title game, but the Wolfpack’s upset loss gave Florida State the Atlantic Division title outright and a berth into Saturday’s conference championship game in Charlotte.

Trailing 38-17, NC State staged a furious comeback in cutting the Maryland lead to 38-31 late in the fourth quarter. Facing a 4th-and-1 with 38 seconds left and the ball on the Wolfpack 32-yard-line, the Terps elected not to punt.

A dive play by Maryland running back D.J. Adams apparently gained the necessary single yard needed for officials to award the Terps a first down - ruining NC State’s comeback bid. But video replay of that 4th down play tells a different story.

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Just Look At The Foam On That Head. Coach.

Navy Coach Ken Niumatalolo today during the Middies-Maryland affair:

This has been a public service message reminding you to always keep your tetanus shots current.

ESPN: Possible Mangino Replacements Talk To KU

ESPN’s National College Football Reporter, Joe Schad, Tweeted this earlier today:

Joe Schad Tweets Kansas In Talks With Possible Mark Mangino Replacements

Surprisingly, Schad’s revelation hasn’t made the rounds yet in the national media. Friday afternoon I reported that Kansas officials were in talks with reps of Mangino to buy his contract out. If KU was held to the balance of Mangino’s deal, J. Brady McCollough of the KANSAS CITY STAR reported Saturday it would cost the school $6.6M. Read more…

Reps For Mangino, Friedgen Discussing Buyouts

College coaching sources tell me this afternoon that the University of Kansas is in the process of discussing a possible buyout of the contract of football coach Mark Mangino with representatives of the coach. Also, the University of Maryland is meeting with reps of Ralph Friedgen to discuss a possible buyout of his contract. Additionally, Paul Wulff of Washington State is facing the same scenario at this time.

Mark Mangino Ralph Friedgen

Discussions are ongoing, and none of the deals will likely be announced today. Though my source indicates agreements for each of the three could be consumated by the end of the weekend. Read more…

Maryland AD Under Fire; From Starting QB’s Dad

Meanwhile, over at the INSIDEMD SPORTS.COM message board, a poster is calling for the ouster of University of Maryland athletic director Debbie Yow (pictured below). Not such a big deal … just about everyone at Maryland is unhappy with Yow … baseball coaches, basketball … even him. But there’s one big factor here.

Debbie Yow

The author of the above message happens to be the John Turner, the father of Maryland starting quarterback Chris Turner. He admitted writing the post to a BALTIMORE SUN reporter on Wednesday. And the elder Turner knows about being unpopular and losing your job, believe me. In the early 1980s he was the drummer for the hair metal band Ratt, before being kicked out just before the group made it big. Read more…

You Set Beer Limits At Your Own Peril, Maryland

The Maryland Terrapins have overhauled their college football stadium for 2009. If I were a late night television host, I would have said that sentence, literally one person in the audience would have cheered for the mention of the Terps, and we’d get one of those funny, weird vibes in the room that makes other people laugh and then I can joke about one person liking Maryland. I guess what I’m saying is Maryland is marginally popular to the point of amusement.

Maryland's new stadium
(Architecture! Renovation! Improvement! Now the team will win more games for sure!)

But we’re getting off track already. Renovated stadium for Maryland, and like all new BCS-level stadia, it’s going to feature luxury suites. Good! And the luxury suites are going to have beer and wine. Better! And it’s going to be strictly limited! Best! Bad news.

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Vasquez’s Memphis Trash Talking Fails Miserably

You can hardly blame the sports media for overhyping, at every single possible occasion, the importance of public smack-talk by teams before they play an important game. Not only does it make the media’s job of filling inches and radio time that much easier, but it also lets the media feel like they’re part of the game now, even when they aren’t. Whatever “bulletin board material” comes from the pre-game interviews probably has about zero effect on the game itself.

Memphis wins
(Not the team you want to talk trash about)

That said, if you’re going to question a team’s credentials, don’t do it if they’re eight seeds better than your team, and really don’t do it to the point where you suggest their team’s no better than yours. Coaches (and 99% of America) know this, and that’s why their players are coached to be boring, generic talking point robots; let’s keep the embarrassment on the court, etc. etc. But then there’s Maryland’s Greivis Vasquez, whose only problem has ever been, um, “caring too much.” Someone asked him a loaded question about Memphis’ strength of schedule, and the star Terrapin answered with the kind of honesty that makes coaches want to quit.

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