Blog-O-Rama: ‘Hawks, Wings To Meet At Wrigley

• The MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE takes it outside, as the Blackhawks and Red Wings will reportedly meet at Wrigley Field next season.

Blackhawks Red Wings

• HOLLYWOOD GRIND churns out a statement from Madonna denying that she’s been bedding or brainwashing A-Rod.

• Meanwhile, HOLLYWOOD ECSTASY spots Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian spending their 4th of July shopping at her family’s store.

• The DETROIT FREE PRESS hears that Charlie Weis is privately positive that Notre Dame will win 9 to 12 games this year.

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Woman Claims to Have Thrown Wimbledon Final

Andrea Jaeger, one of a series of female tennis phenoms America has thrown up the ATP charts, has told the DAILY MAIL that a fight with her domineering and abusing father led her to throw the 1983 Wimbledon ladies’ final against Martina Navratilova 6-0, 6-3. Jaeger also claimed previously to intentionally fail to win other matches that would make her #1 in the world.

Andrea Jaeger

She claimed in previous interviews that the emotional strain of the fight(s) with her father caused her to be emotionally drained for that final. Jaeger last won a singles title in 1983; she has since gone on to become an Episcopalian nun and joined many other athletes in pushing for other athletes to consider philanthropy in their lives. Read more…

Jeter Jonesin’ For VT Cuties; Shushing Sharapova

Derek Jeter hopes to get a hold of a Virginia Tech valentine.

Derek Jeter Virginia Tech girl

• Surely Bud Selig was nervous about experiencing in-flight plane trouble? Of course he wasn’t - and don’t call me Shirley.

Tom Brady & Eli Manning meet again - to look for some sensible slacks.

• A group of Cuban soccer players in Florida hotfoot it to freedom.

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Navratilova: Shut Up! Sharapova: UUGGGNNHHH!

BLEACHER REPORT points to a remark made by Martina Navratilova - who has apparently become something of an old fussbudget in her retirement - in advance of an exhibition in Japan, in which she chastised Maria Sharapova’s vocal outbursts during matches.

Maria Sharapova screaming during serve

“If I were the commissioner of tennis I would outlaw (screeching during matches),” Navratilova told reporters at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan earlier this week. “Maria’s level gets louder the closer the match and quite frankly it’s not necessary, they aren’t lifting 300 pounds, they’re hitting a tennis ball.”

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Martina Navratilova New Spokesman For AARP

SAFE TO SAY BUD COLLINS IS PISSED OFF THIS MORNING: The WALL STREET JOURNAL reports “Martina Navratilova has agreed to an endorsement deal with the AARP to serve as its first Health & Fitness ambassador.

Martina Navratilova

AARP Chief Brand Officer Emilio Pardo said that Navratilova’s job will be to “share tips with AARP members in online chats, conduct Q&As and video segments on the group’s Web site, and speak at events.

Joe Piscopo

So Martina is the new spokesman the AARP? That’s gotta really sting for Janet Reno’s marketing agent. And we would’ve thought a deal with MWLLOL would’ve been next served up on her endorsment plate (ok, we promise to never link it again, but have you SEEN Joe Piscopo lately?).