Rams RB Jackson Decides To End Long Holdout

You could tell fantasy football owners were starting to get nervous. They were coming into work with bloodshot eyes, earned from a long night of website refreshing. They were calling buddies in St. Louis out of the blue, just to “catch up” and, hey, maybe see if they “happened to know about this Steven Jackson fella.” They were making decision trees, pros-and-cons lists, anything to help decide if they should take Jackson or not. “Players always end their holdouts before the season,” they’d say. “But what if this is the year one of them holds out for real?”

Steven Jackson Rams jump

Time to jump for joy, fantasy footballers. Your long national nightmare is over. Steven Jackson has decided to officially end his 27-day holdout. Marshall Faulk would be proud.

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Record Runner Slowed Up To Make More Money?

• World record-breaker Usain Bolt could have run even faster, but it could have cost the Jamaican sprinter more money down the road.

Usain Bolt Jamaican world record runner

• If he ran the Rams, Marshall Faulk would balk at Steven Jackson’s ongoing holdout.

Ocho Cinco no es bueno after suffering a shoulder injury.

• It took him three decades, but one college football fan has finally seen all 119 Division 1-A teams in action in person.

• A 7-year-old named Wrigley Fields will get to throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field. Now’s a good time for any pregnant Boston baseball fans of Korean descent to christen their child Fenway Park.

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Faulk Beats on S-Jax for Not Signing New Contract

Perhaps Steven Jackson should have simply played along when people wondered about his student-mentor relationship with Marshall Faulk. He didn’t of course, saying that Faulk was no teacher, no guru, no mentor.


Now it looks like Faulk is getting his turn to take a shot back at S-Jax. The good news for Marshall is that he’s sitting in a cozy announcing booth and doesn’t have anything to prove (re: his ability to play football). That doesn’t really make him sound any less bitter about the whole thing though, when, as LARRY BROWN SPORTS dials up via SPORTING NEWS RADIO, he takes shots at the unsigned Rams running back:

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Space Age Technology Kills Montana’s Secret Life

Remember the report that Joe Montana bugged out after having his photo snapped at a Super Bowl party?

Joe Montana

Arash Markazi of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, in his breakdown of every single Super Bowl party, has this followup from the “Madden Bowl” party last week:

“Joe Montana, Dwight Clark and Chris Berman sitting in a VIP booth with a bevy of beauties surrounding them. Montana seem resigned to the possibility that images of his night on the town might end up online. “It seems like everyone has a camera on these,” he said picking up his cell phone. “You can’t do anything privately anymore.”

Don’t suppose Berman pal’d along with Montana and Clark for any particular reason, eh?

Heidi Montag

Markazi ranks all the parties (Maxim, Playboy, ESPN) and has some fun details, like Wade Phillips doing “Soulja Boy” in front of Jerry Jones, and a strange odor emanating from the Playboy party. Some highlights after the jump - along with Maxim party photos (and Heidi Montag’s alarming boob job).

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