Source: Jayhawk Hoops Players Caused KU Brawl

Interesting to note in the aftermath of the campus brawls between players from the Kansas basketball and football teams, hoops coach Bill Self has been extremely contrite, while football coach Mark Mangino has been nothing of the sort.

Bill Self Has a Toupee. Duh.

(Sadly. Self will be allowed to sweep everything under his the rug)

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports late Thursday that three KU hoops players, Tyshawn Taylor, Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich, were made by Self to “explain themselves to reporters.” Of course, nothing worthy of note came out of those explanation, but I’ve got it on very good authority who the true antagonists were.

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KU B-Baller Works on Shooting Skills - w/BB Gun

While the Kansas Jayhawks are currently practicing for their upcoming title defense in college basketball, one of their incoming freshman has been working on his shooting range. Though the fine folks at Kansas would appreciate if he limited his shooting practice to the court instead of his dorm room window.

Markieff Morris Kansas Jayhawks air rifle

Markieff Morris spent his free time last Saturday night playing with his three-foot long Airsoft air rifle. And by playing with it, I mean getting drunk and then shooting at people out the window.

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