Giants Kicker Wants Presidential Pardon For Bro

Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes is already a hero in New York, having kicked the Giants into the Super Bowl with an overtime connection in Green Bay last January. Well, now he’s trying to become a hero in high traffic-areas like Compton, CA., Forrest City Federal Correctional Complex in Arkansas and, if you believe in the Showtime sitcom “Weeds” they way I do, Agrestic Heights: Tynes wants his brother, convicted drug-dealing felon Mark Tynes, released from his 27-year sentence via presidential pardon.


(Lawrence Tynes thinks he could celebrate his brother’s freedom soon.)

That’s right, the brother of an NFL kicker was a marijuana-smuggling kingpin in Texas, and a nasty one at that. Rather than cooperate with authorities for a lighter sentence, Mark Tynes refused to name any of his collaborators, only to see his jail time increased from 151 months to 324. Yes, 324 months! The now-31 year old Tynes was caught smuggling 3,600 pounds of marijuana from Texas to Florida in 2004, which is a bit more of a serious offense than the pardon given former fugitive financier Mark Rich during the Clinton administration. That guy was dealing in funny money, Mark Tynes was dealing in sticky-icky. Lots of it.

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