Expect Boras, Manny To Wait Until Spring To Sign

The fallout of the New York Yankees signing up Mark Teixeira has been Chernobyl-esque for Manny Ramirez. Before the Yanks borrowed Hank Paulsen’s printing press to corral Tex, it appeared that Yankee Stadium was to be Ramirez’s most likely destination. Especially if Teixeira had signed with the Red Sox.

Frank McCourt Dodgers Owner hit in head with foul ball FAIL

(Frank McCourt: Plenty of practice fumbling away opportunities of a lifetime)

With the Mets out of money (thanks, Bernie!) and no other team at present willing to offer Ramirez more than the Dodgers’ proposed 2-year, $45 million pact, it’s looking more and more like it’ll be a long and lonely winter for Mr. Elongated Pants.

Frank McCourt Manny Ramirez Ned Colletti

(Ned Colletti looking like a stroked-out Peter Griffin)

I was listening to local sports radio guy here in Los Angeles last night and I heard him say that he was unequivocally certain that Ramirez would sign with the Dodgers in January. That Ramirez agent Scott Boras would break down and take the team’s (paltry) offer.

Now, does that sound like something Boras would do to you?

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