Schlereth: JaMarcus Needs ‘3-Alligator Count’ Rule

Mark Schlereth tweet on JaMarcus Russell

OK, technically this is what’s known as piling on, and I’m going to have to throw the flag. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh out loud when I saw it. By the way, they’re also considering the two-hand touch rule for defenders rushing Tom Brady, I hear. Read more…

Week In Review: Brooks & Cecilia at the X-Games

Brooks gleams the cube, as he & SbB Girl Cecilia check out the X-Games.

Brooks and SbB Girl Cecilia At X Games

Percy Harvin regales U of Florida recruits with wild Gator tales of partying, pot smoking, and coach choking.

• Speaking of the SEC, does Matthew Stafford’s U of Georgia girlfriend have enhanced gazongas?

• Fresh off the LeBron Dunkgate comes the Tiger Woods Fartgate.

• Detroit Pistons rookie DaJuan Summers places a Twitter bet with porn star Valerie Luxe on who can get 4,000 followers the fastest.

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Pistons Rookie Places Twitter Bet With Porn Star

• Detroit Pistons rookie DaJuan Summers places a Twitter bet with porn star Valerie Luxe: Whoever gets 4,000 followers first wins either dinner & a massage, or a trip to the water park.

Valerie Luxe DaJuan Summers

• Meanwhile, ESPN’s Mark Schlereth gets into a Twitter war with Chad Ochocinco.

• But neither guy would want to mess with J.R. Smith, especially if the Nuggets player is Tweeting like he’s a member of the Bloods.

Roger Mayweather - Floyd Jr.’s uncle & trainer - is accused of attacking & trying to strangle a female boxer.

• Browns WR Braylon Edwards poses with a bunch of alcohol. So all those drops were due to the D.T.’s?

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ESPN’s Schlereth Calls Out Ochocinco Via Twitter

I’m beginning to see why more and more pro sports teams are considering banning their athletes from using Twitter. Chad Ochocinco and ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth got into a Twitter wrestling match on Monday, the results of which were pretty amusing. And while Schlereth roughly came off in the exchange like a drunk emailing his ex-girlfriend, Ocho got the worst of it, even facing a mutiny by his own Twitter followers.

Mark Schlereth, Chad Ochocinco

It all began when Ochocinco sent out a Tweet to his peeps on the Plaxico Burress indictment: “Twitter family please pray for my dude Plaxico Burress, indicted on all counts after injuring himself, huh, grand jury my a$$!!!!” Then the fun began, as Ocho’s readers didn’t exactly agree with him. So Ocho responded thusly: Read more…