Who To Cast As Mustache Guy For Monty Biopic?

Thanks to some trusty, ham-fisted photoshop, I’ve finally placed mustache guy in the Tiger Woods camera shot:

Tiger Woods camera shot with Jon Lovitz

The role of old Pauly Shore in the upcoming Playboy Mansion retrospective will have to wait!

Another Angle To Greatest Golf Photo Of All-Time

Here’s another angle of the greatest golf photograph in history:

Tiger Woods Camera Shot Another Angle

If you don’t know by now, what makes the original photo so incredibly special has absolutely nothing to do with Tiger Woods and his golf shot into the camera lens. Read more…

Shudderbug: Tiger Shot Smashes Photog’s Cam

The LONDON DAILY MAIL has this astonishing photo from staff photographer Mark Pain taken of Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup on Sunday.

Tiger Woods shot smashes photographer's camera

(Unfortunate Camera Ang .. er .. Mangle)

The shot was snapped on the final hole of play as Woods attempted to chip onto the green, instead duffing his ball directly into the lens of Pain’s camera. The impact smashed the lens of Pain’s Nikon D3 but the image was saved by the camera and Pain was unhurt.

Tiger Woods shot smashes photographer's camera


So how did Tiger react? Read more…

Jefferson Jolts From Wedding, Doesn’t Tell Guests

Richard Jefferson got cold feet and decided to ditch his beautiful bride-to-be. Too bad the new Spur neglected to inform his wedding guests.

Richard Jefferson Kesha Nichols

• What’s better than $1 beers at the ballpark? How about $1 beers at the ballpark with a buxom Playboy “Hot Housewife” model?

• A British tennis coach is caught doing a little drive-by wanking near a group of 14-year-old girls.

• Nice to see Erin Andrews, Heather Graham & Kristin Cavallieri all share the same fashion sense.

• Hard to tell what looked weaker last night - President Obama’s first pitch, or the NL All-Stars’ overall play.

Read more…

Coach Arrested For Playing A Little Pocket Tennis

It’s the story you’ve heard so many times before: Youth tennis coach gets arrested for pleasuring himself in the parking lot of a sexual health clinic while watching a group of 14-year-old girls at a nearby bus stop, and then driving past them slowly about eight times. Bonus fact: Apparently he’s a New York Giants fan.

Mark Pain

Mark Pain, the head coach at the Reading (UK) Tennis Club, has quit his job and is due to be sentenced in Reading Magistrates’ Court for the incident. He was caught when one of the girls typed his license information into her cell phone and then rushed home to tell her parents. Quote from prosecuting attorney: “He (Pain) said he had been playing tennis at Reading University and suggested he started feeling himself a little.” Read more…