Pack Allow Favre To Battle Rodgers For QB Spot

Quick recap: Favre retired, then wasn’t, then the Packers didn’t want him, then they did, then the Pack tried to trade him, then the Jets said “we’ll take him”, then the Pack said “No”, then Peter King said something, then the Pack offered Favre hush money, then Favre accepted the money, then he didn’t want their stinking money, then Roger Goodell said he can play, and now it looks like Favre will be the Packers starting quarterback this year.

Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre

(Two mortal enemies, during happier times)

The official word from the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL is that “the Packers have agreed to allow Favre to compete with Aaron Rodgers for the starting job”, but if there is indeed a camp battle for the QB position, is there anyway the Packers don’t give the job to Favre?

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Packers Offer Favre $20 Million to Just Stay Away

There is some kind of weird-a crazy-off going down in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Either that or the water in Mississippi is more polluted than normal. Or, perhaps, Brett Favre’s farm is cursed.

Scrooge McDuck

One of those ridiculous explanations needs to be true in order to explain what the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL is reporting: Packers President Mark Murphy met with Favre and his agent Bus Cook and offered the quarterback $20 million to stay retired.

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