KU Football’s Penalty For Getting Lew’d: 5 Years

Thanks to a standard set by miracle worker Mark Mangino, some members of the media are already suggesting it’s time for the University of Kansas to relieve Turner Gill of his duties as Jayhawks football coach.

Lew Perkins nuked KU Football with contract fallout

(Thanks to Lew Perkins, you can’t find KU Football without a geiger counter)

One such voice is Matt Tait of the LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD, who recently suggested that Gill’s hire may have been misguided. To put it lightly.

Wait, Tait wrote that in October, 2010. My bad.

Then there’s today, which features a thoughtful piece by Bill Reiter of FOXSPORTSKANSASCITY.com calling for Mangino to be rehired at the cost of the current Kansas football coach’s job.

In a story titled, “KU needs to make right move: Rehire Mangino“, Reiter features the following lede:

Let’s cut to the chase: Turner Gill, the head football coach of one of the most floundering football programs in America, isn’t the right the coach for Kansas.

You know who is? Mark Mangino.


Reiter also gleans comments from Mangino, who sadly has seemingly been reduced - by former Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins‘ ego - to whimpering for a job.

Any job:

“It’s what I’ve committed myself to doing my whole adult life and I love it greatly,” he said. “I love it. I love the competition. I love being around those young guys every day. They keep you young and keep you going. I very much am looking forward to getting back on the field.

“I’d like to be a head coach because I feel I have some unfinished business. But I’ll say if being an offensive coordinator or being a position coach is the opportunity that is the best fit for me and the best fit for them, I’ll do it. I miss it. I just miss it.”

That from a man who most recently led one of college football’s most notorious dregs to 12 wins and an Orange Bowl title. (As a native Kansas Citian, I still can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.)

Ironic then that for the very same reason as former Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins‘ contrived “investigation” into Mangino’s football program in 2009, there’s absolutely no chance the Jayhawks will be able to jettison Gill anytime soon.

Because Mangino had no contract buyout at the time that Perkins, whose ego didn’t allow for a high-profile coach whom he didn’t hire, wanted to force the coach out, the ex-KU AD and noted purveyor of unnecessary private air travel ginned up a witch hunt of Mangino. The result allowed for the coach’s ouster, but not without Kansas forking over a whopping $3 million to Mangino. (See hush money.)

Following his pushing out the best thing to happen to Kansas football since Gale Sayers, naturally Perkins furnished his hand-picked successor to Mangino, Turner Gill, a 5-year, $10 million contract that was also bereft a buyout.

With that handy contract language, authored by Perkins himself, it currently would take a $6 million payment - the remaining value of the contract - for KU to jettison Gill as football coach.

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KU Curtails Player Cellphones, Girlfriend Access

So far this season the performance of the Kansas football team has been impossible to figure out.

Kansas Football Cellphone Case

The Jayhawks were embarrassed in their home opener, losing 6-3 to North Dakota State. The next week they upset 15th-ranked Georgia Tech 28-25 but then followed with a disorganized, nationally-televised 31-16 loss to Southern Mississippi.

In the team’s latest defeat against the Southern Miss, the Jayhawks were a disaster on offense because of communication problems between sideline play-callers and quarterback Jordan Webb.

J. Brady McCollough of the KANSAS CITY STAR noted of the game:

When KU got the ball in the final minutes trailing 31-16, it had no timeouts to aid a comeback attempt. In general, the Jayhawks didn’t play with the same fast pace they used in the win over Georgia Tech because the coaches, sideline signal givers and players couldn’t carry the same tune.

Ironic when you consider the seemingly draconian - at least by today’s standards - measures Gill has taken all season to promote interaction between team members before games.

Jesse Newell of the LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD reports today that Gill has banned players from not only using cellphones on game days, but the day before kickoff . When the team plays on a Saturday, players turn in their phones to KU coaches on Friday morning. They get them back after the game.

Then there’s Gill’s encroachment into the social lives of Jayhawk players. Read more…

Video: A&M Star Slammed Franchione In March

Earlier today I reported that former Texas A&M star wide receiver Terrence Murphy accused his former coach Dennis Franchione of player abuse similar to what’s been alleged about former Kansas football coach Mark Mangino and suspended Texas Tech coach Mike Leach.

Terrence Murphy Slams Dennis Franchione

After the jump is video of Murphy dissing Franchione on camera when he was asked to compare Franchione to fellow A&M football coaches R.C. Slocum and Mike Sherman.

Read more…

Former A&M Star: Franchione Also Abused Players

Perhaps the greatest wide receiver in Texas A&M history, Terrence Murphy, posted an ominous message on his Facebook account today about former A&M head football coach Dennis Franchione:

Terrence Murphy Posted About Dennis Franchione On His Facebook Account

It is amazing that two coaches in the Big 12 are getting negative press for mis-treating players on their football teams. WOW, Coach Fran treated players at A&M like this the day he arrived at A&M.

Now that I am a man, looking back it hurts my heart to know how many of my teammates will never come back to A&M because of those antics, and how many kid’s life (sic) were altered because of it.

 Guess it did not happen to a football legend’s son,  so it was ignored. ESPN brought back bad memories. I fault myself for not stepping up as the leader of the team and saying something.

Franchione coached A&M for only five seasons, from 2003-07. He was bought out by the school following the ‘07 season. He coached Murphy during the 2003-04 seasons.

Terrence Murphy Posted About Dennis Franchione On His Facebook Account

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Why Did Mangino Suddenly “Resign” Yesterday?

Mark Manginoresigned” yesterday in disgrace, having been throw out by Kansas officials after players came forward with tales of physical and verbal abuse.

Cory Kipp Claims Mangino Burned His Hand

(Hear Kipp talk about Mangino here)

Until this week, players had not provided physical evidence of Mangino’s behavior. That changed two days ago, when the LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD published the story of former Kansas starting nose tackle Cory Kipp. Read more…

ESPN: Mangino ‘Will Not Return’ As Kansas Coach

ESPN’s Joe Schad reports this afternoon that Kansas football coach Mark Mangino ‘will not return’ as coach next season.

Mark Mangino fired

If Mangino was not fired with cause, the school would owe him the balance of his contract, which is $6.6M. More likely, there was some sort of buyout settlement.

Mark Mangino Lew Perkins

On November 20, I reported that Mangino’s reps were already in talks with University of Kansas officials over a possible buyout. At that time, Kansas assistant football coaches were already calling around to other schools asking about possible job opportunities.

Read more…

Week In Review: Bud Flips Bills The Double Bird

• Titans owner Bud Adams gives the Bills a double-finger salute - and gets fined $250,000 for it.

Tennessee Titans Owner Bud Adams Flipping The Bird In Buffalo 11/15/09 SPORTSbyBROOKS.com

• After Stanford’s stunning slaughter of ‘SC, Pete Carroll & Jim Harbaugh both want to know what the deal is. (And Pete won’t forget it.)

• But the real deal is Toby Gerhart. Just ask his swim team girlfriend, who says that the Cardinal RB is “one big muscle.”

• Speaking of girlfriends, Erin Dewes has been incorrectly labeled as Tim Tebow’s squeeze. But that’s not stopping her from covering her nude self in number 15’s body paint.

Zack Greinke is a real winner this week. Not only did the Royals pitcher grab the Cy Young award, he’s also tying the knot with former Miss Daytona Beach Emily Kuchar.

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Reps For Mangino, Friedgen Discussing Buyouts

College coaching sources tell me this afternoon that the University of Kansas is in the process of discussing a possible buyout of the contract of football coach Mark Mangino with representatives of the coach. Also, the University of Maryland is meeting with reps of Ralph Friedgen to discuss a possible buyout of his contract. Additionally, Paul Wulff of Washington State is facing the same scenario at this time.

Mark Mangino Ralph Friedgen

Discussions are ongoing, and none of the deals will likely be announced today. Though my source indicates agreements for each of the three could be consumated by the end of the weekend. Read more…

NBCSports.com: KU AD Fired Instead Of Mangino?

John Taylor at NBCSports.com’s College Football Talk sources a very different side to the Mark Mangino saga at Kansas. Taylor cites a “school source with knowledge of the situation” who accuses Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins of a “convoluted vendetta” against Mangino which includes deceiving Jayhawk football players into speaking out against the coach and leaking embarrassing info about Mangino to the media.

Mark Mangino Lew Perkins

(KU AD Lew Perkins, appropriately stationed behind Mangino’s back)

The source correctly notes that the complaint that started the entire investigation into Mangino’s conduct was originally made by linebacker Arist Wright before KU’s Oct. 17 game against Colorado, when the Jayhawks were 5-0. News of Wright’s complaint was not made public until this week, after the team had lost five straight games.

Read more…

Names Of Players Who Complained About Mangino

Yesterday we broke the news that KU football players were complaining to the school’s athletic admin about Mark Mangino’s treatment of them  - and how AD Lew Perkins threw Mangino under the bus.

Kansas Players Who Complained About Abuse From Mark Mangino

(Top to Bottom: Angus Quigley, Dakota Lewis, Arist Wright)

We haven’t known the players who complained, until now. Read more…