Ex-MLB Pitcher Mark Littell Risks Manhood To Showcase Athletic Supporter

EX-MLB PITCHERS HAS THE BALLS TO SHOW CUP STRENGTH: Former major league pitcher Mark Littell is sure his new athletic cup protects players so well, he’s willing to risk the family jewels for it:

Littell is the designer (and guinea pig) of the Nutty Buddy athletic supporter. After spending nine seasons with the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals, he says he concocted the new equipment while working with other pitchers during spring training.Unlike your other run-of-the-mill manhood protectors, Littell says his brand is more comfortable, since it’s anatomically correct. He further describes his Buddy as “wider, deeper and full of curves.” (Insert your own joke here.)

Mark Littell Cardinals Nutty Buddy

Under the tasteful tagline “Protecting the Boys,” Littell has christened the various Nutty Buddy sizes with manly monikers, like “Hammer”, “Boss Hogg“….er, “Boss” and “Hog”, and for the ample gentleman, the XL ‘Mongo‘.The cups are a bit pricey, going for $19.95 each. But what red-blooded, all-American he-man wouldn’t want to pay 20 bucks to see a guy get pummeled between the legs?

Chris Chambliss Yankees 1976 pennant

Littell probably wished he had such support back in 1976, when he gave up an AL pennant-winning home run to the Yankees’ Chris Chambliss - a feeling not unlike getting kicked in the groin.