Utah Paper Searches For the Mythical White NBAer

The white, non-European NBA player: Perhaps the rarest of all sports figures, this creature is considered by some to be mythical, by others to be extinct. But the SALT LAKE TRIBUNE did some research and found that they are neither fictional beings nor have they been wiped off the face of the Earth. They just tend to reside in Middle Earth Indianapolis.

JJ Reddick drives on Kevin Love

After crunching the numbers, the paper found that there are 46 white Americans out of 432 players on current NBA rosters, about 1.5 per team. Which makes sense - anyone who watches the Lakers would could Chris Mihm as half a player.

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Blog-O-Rama: Dennis Raking In Green After Rant

Darren Rovell of CNBC shouts out word that Dennis Green’s “They were who we thought they were” rant has become quite the cash cow for the ex-Cardinals coach.

Dennis Green and Clifford

Maybe Mike Gundy can make the same kind of mad moolah.

• WALKOFF WALK isn’t buying Jason Giambi’s excuse for his bruised eye - “I walked into the bathroom door at the hotel and split it open.”

• THE SCORES REPORT sadly says to CC Sabathia, “No no-no for you!”

• DEADSPIN gets Hollywood on the phone, as former NBA big man Mark Eaton has a screenplay to sell.

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