Blog-A-Roni: Mike Tyson Really Is A Heavyweight

• The LONDON DAILY MAIL has the skinny on Mike Tyson ballooning into a true heavyweight.

Mike Tyson is fat

• FAN IQ’s CRITICAL FANATIC guzzles down these NFL Draft drinking games.

• BALL DON’T LIE bounces along video of Barack Obama showing off his mad basketball skillz.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK feels smart, as ex-Michigan WR Mario Manningham scored a 6 out of 50 on his Wonderlic test.

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Favre Un-Retirement: He Could Be Enticed To Do It

Will Beijing be the last chance to see Jennie Finch in all her Olympic glory?

• Could Brett Favre really come back with the Pack? “I very well could be enticed to do it.”

Brett Favre Sombrero Girls

• But if he does return to Green Bay, will they still name a street after him?

• Speaking of retired QBs, Ryan Leaf is doing A-OK at West Texas A&M.

• So, Michael Vick really wasn’t playing pigskin in prison?

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Manningham’s Marijuana At Michigan Now Moot

Former University of Michigan wide receiver Mario Manningham found himself disappearing from NFL draft boards for “character concerns”, code for what the rest of us called “enjoying college to the fullest”. So what does a boy do when his character has been impugned by, you know, himself just before the biggest payday of his life?

Mario Manningham gets high

(Because he got high)

Throw himself on the mercy of the court. Manningham, who insisted he had never tested positive for marijuana use at Ann Arbor, admitted to two failed marijuana tests but declared he had found Contract Jesus (distant cousin to Touchdown) and wouldn’t touch the Demon Weed anymore. Hallejulah!

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Michigan State fans can let out frustrations with whac-a-Wolverine online game

SUFFERING SPARTANS FANS FREE TO WHAC-A-WOLVERINE: It’s been a bad weekend for Michigan State.

First, Tom Izzo’s boys lost to Division II Grand Valley State on Friday. We could understand an exhibition defeat to the Lakers of Los Angeles, but not the Lakers of Allendale, MI.

Michigan State losses

Then, things went from bad to worse for Sparty on the football field, as the Maize & Blue came from behind to snatch back the Paul Bunyan Trophy in a 28-24 thriller.It sucks to be a Spartan right now, but don’t let it get you down. The LANSING STATE JOURNAL offers an idea outlet for all that frustration - the Whac-A-Wolverine game:


It’s a simple premise - move you mouse around to hammer Chad Henne, mash Mario Manningham, and hurt Mike Hart. You Green & White Go-Go-Goers will be glad you did. And Buckeyes fans are certain to go nuts over the game, too.Besides, it wasn’t all bad news for the kids in East Lansing. The hockey team did win two in a row Friday & Saturday. Of course, they had to go all the way to Alaska to do it:

Dog sled

Their dog sleds probably aren’t back from Fairbanks yet, so let the skaters enjoy the weekend before anyone tells them what happened with their school chums.