Floyd Fight Celeb: Famous Beyond All Recognition

Trying to find out exactly who would pay big money to attend the latest Floyd Mayweather free money fiesta? I regret to inform that caption writers at the ASSOCIATED PRESS and ESPN.com are of absolutely no use.

Nick Cannon unidentified at Mayweather-Mosley Fight Magic Amused

(Time to freshen up the representation?)

Okay, lighten up Nick Cannon fan. It’s not like the same thing happened three different times. Read more…

Shula Not Sure on Parcells; Don’t Block Big Brown

Sasha Vujacic’s final shot gave grief to gamblers? You can bet on it!

Don Shula wonders if new Dolphins prez Bill Parcells is so good, why does he keep changing jobs?

Don Shula Bill Parcells

• Best not to block Big Brown during the Belmont, or his trainer’s gonna shoot somebody.

• A high school wrestling coach has been let go after his assistant was trying to suplex Muslim students into Christianity.

• Good to see Jenna Jameson staying in practice for her profession.

• A letter intercepted in jail may help solve the murder of Denver Bronco Darrent Williams.

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First Pitches: Mariah Carey Throws Like Carl Lewis

Turns out Carl Lewis wasn’t the only celebrity to recently suffer a sorrowful ceremonial first pitch.

Mariah Carey first pitch Yomiuri Giants

BIG LEAGUE STEW tosses us news that Mariah Carey was asked to do the honors for the Yomiuri Giants of Japan. The songstress showed good from - however, we’re not talking about her hurling prowess.

(Video of Mariah’s pitching performance after the jump.) Read more…

Further Proof That Derek Jeter Is Better Than You

You needed more proof that Derek Jeter gets to date beautiful women, because you’re a stickler for evidence. Well, AM NEW YORK and BIG LEAGUE STEW both have your back on this one.

The six women Derek Jeter dated on Maxim's Hot 100

(You know, if the utility infielders aren’t doing anything … [mimes phone call])

With MAXIM’s “Hot 100″ list due out in a couple weeks, sources say that six of the women on the list have, at one time, dated the Yankees shortstop. Read more…