What We Really Want: Money Honey In A Thong

You may remember our treatment of Speedo’s recent Olympic swimsuit rollout with Michael Phelps:

Michael Phelps Speedo

The lunch-minded masses no doubt appreciated Speedo’s less-is-more approach when it came to promotional materials marketing the second skin. Sadly though, no such luck when it came to sports biz reporter Darren Rovell during his regrettable stand up with Phelps this morning on CNBC. Read more…

Alexis Glick Gushes Over Joe Theismann, Calls Him Most Handsome NFLer Ever

MONEY HONEY LIKES ‘EM BLOATED, BEET-RED AND BITTER: From what we understand, the new Fox Business Channel is off to a rip-roaring start. And while CNBC has brown-eyed beauty Maria Bartiromo, Fox counters with their own “Money Honey” Alexis Glick:

Alexis Glick Maria Bartiromo Money Honeys

Glick’s bio claims she’s a massive sports fan, and we believe it, especially considering her comment to Joe Theismann following an interview today on FBC with the bloated, beet-red and bitter one: “You might be the most handsome football player I’ve ever sat next to.

Joe Theismann

That makes one of you, Alexis.