Heir Jordan: MJ Under-21 Son Blows 50K In Vegas

Unless you’re the Sultan of Brunei, the sons of Michael Jordan had a better weekend than you.

Marcus Jordan blows 50K in Vegas

20-year-old Marcus Jordan and 21-year-old Jeff Jordan, who started school this morning at UCF and play for the Knights basketball team, weren’t shy about informing us of their adventures in Vegas last weekend.

In fact, 20-year-old Marcus felt the need to detail the financial damage his father’s black card he suffered from a Vegas nightclub. Read more…

Michael Jordan’s Son Clowns Kobe During Game 7

Michael Jordan’s son Marcus, a freshman basketball player at the Univ. of Central Florida, became rather opinionated last night when the NBA Finals Game 7 telecast featuring the Lakers and Celtics aired a graphic showing a statistical comparison between his dad and Kobe Bryant in NBA Finals series.

Marcus Jordan Clowns Kobe About Comparison To Father Michael

After he saw the graphic and heard the game broadcasters discuss the comparison, Marcus Tweeted from his Twitter account: Read more…

UCF: Nike To Pull The Best Marketing Coup Ever?

I’m in awe this morning. Everyone is going nuts, upset at Marcus Jordan and dad Michael over Adidas dropping UCF in response to MRjr lacing Nikes last night.

Marcus Jordan

(UCF readying for its ‘White’ Knight in Nike?)

But after talking to two prominent sports marketing execs this morning, all indications are that Nike will soon swoop in to save the day, picking up the UCF sponsorship that Adidas has abruptly vacated.

Brilliant. Read more…

Adidas Cancels UCF Deal Over Jordan’s Jordans

Well, that didn’t take long. Hours ago, UCF announced that His Heirness Marcus Jordan would be taking the floor in tonight’s exhibition in his dad’s Air Jordans. According to Darren Rovell at CNBC, adidas has responded… by summarily canceling their $1.9 million sponsorship with the Golden Knights.

Marcus Jordan Exclusive Air Jordans
(But what of the custom-made Air Jordans? All people get those before their freshman year, right?)

The immediate ramifications - financial and otherwise - are as yet unknown, but adidas says all notions of a contract extension with the school are completely off the table. And our question is pretty simple: where the hell was Michael Jordan on this one?

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Score One For The Swoosh: Marcus Jordan In Nike

A couple weeks ago, we brought you news that Marcus Jordan, son of Michael Jordan, was refusing to comply with the school’s adidas shoe deal, insisting instead on wearing Nike on account of his father’s inextricable history with the brand. The story was that UCF had granted him permission to wear Nikes in exchange for signing with the school, up until some executives at adidas balked at the deal afterward.

Marcus Jordan Exclusive Air Jordans
(Will Marcus be stepping out in his Air Jordan exclusives?)

Well, score one for the plucky underdogs at Nike; Phil Knight and his rag-tag gang of misfits have finally gotten their big break. As the SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL’s Twitter feed reported, young Marcus is in his Nikes tonight. WHEW. Thought they’d never get their way.

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Must Marcus Jordan Always Be His Father’s Son?

Odd news from ESPN today, as UCF’s Marcus Jordan - son of His Airness Michael, of course - is refusing to comply with the Golden Knights’ shoe deal. UCF has a $3 million dollar with adidas, while (not suprisingly) Jordan won’t wear anything but his dad’s Air Jordans.

UCF jersey adidas logo
(It’s an adidas logo. It’s not made of poison.)

While it’s fine and normal for Marcus to want to honor his dad (if this is, indeed, Marcus’ decision alone), it seems slightly improper to do so in this way. We’re not going to chastise Marcus much for not understanding the way endorsement and equipment deals work - he’s just a freshman in college - but there are several causes for concern here, and nearly all point right back at Dad.

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