Princeton Vs. The Citadel: The Culture War Begins

Sending Princeton’s marching band to do a halftime show at The Citadel was probably a bad idea from the start: the Princeton band is known for their irreverent performances (like the Stanford Marching Band, but less organized), and the Citadel’s cadets don’t have a reputation for having the best sense of humor. So should we be shocked from a report by THE DAILY PRINCETONIAN that it turned into a fiasco? Everything from the band getting into the stadium to the halftime show was a mess, leaving the Princeton band feeling bullied and the Citadel cadets feeling disrespected.

Princeton band

The fun started when the band tried to march into campus through a guarded entrance (with, they say, prior approval). Apparently, some of the cadets doing Field Day exercises didn’t get that memo. The Princeton band said that some members were attacked, and another had his instrument broken. And there’s nothing more savage than attacking a defenseless, innocent French horn. It was an ugly Red State vs. Blue State battle come to life:

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