Scott Linehan Fired; Haslett Takes Over Disaster

Your nightmare is finally over, St. Louis. Well, your team still sucks, but now there’s an excuse since they’ll have an “interim” coach for the rest of the year and we all know that makes being terrible OK. Scott Linehan is out after an 0-4 start in which the team was outscored by more than 25 points a game. He should make a fine coach in the Sun Belt Conference.

Scott Linehan and Georgia Frontiere

“You have to come over soon. I’ll make a casserole and we can watch Lawrence Welk.”

Why wasn’t Linehan axed earlier, considering the team seems to hit a new low each week? Apparently, the owners’ mom thought he was such a nice boy and didn’t want to see him go. Yes, owners Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez gave Linehan a third season to begin with because their predecessor and mother, Georgia Frontiere, liked him and wanted him there. So there you have it, Rams fans. Your team makes its decisions based on the whims of a now-deceased 80-year-old woman.

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Rams Fans: Team Costing You $165 For Sucking

Times are tough all over the country. Gas prices are high, financial institutions are broke. But never fear, residents of St. Louis. Your economic downturn is over, as soon as the Rams start winning some football games.

Marc Bulger


New research suggests that a winning NFL team has a “statistically significant effect” on the per-capita income of a metropolitan area. In fact, a winning team can boost individual incomes by as much as $165 a year. A single victory can account for an income boost of $30 (you hear that, Ed Hochuli?). David Nicklaus of the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH has more:
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Steven Jackson Is Not A Big Fan Of Scott Linehan

The people of Missouri are probably pretty grateful for the Missouri Tigers football team right now, because at least they’re good. They’re so good, in fact, that some people would probably consider them favorites in a game against either of Missouri’s professional football teams. On one side of the state there’s the Kansas City Chiefs, on the other side there’s the St. Louis Rams, and in the middle there are a bunch of people wondering what went wrong.

Rams running back Steven Jackson isn’t one of those people, as he knows exactly what’s wrong in St. Louis. Steven doesn’t seem to be a very big fan of his head coach Scott Linehan, and yesterday he went on the radio to let his coach know that he doesn’t agree with the decision to bench Marc Bulger for Trent Green.

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List Of Quarterbacks Taken Before Tom Brady In 2000 NFL Draft

BUT BRADY DOESN’T GET WINNIPEG’S WARM HOSPITALITY: ARMCHAIR GM reminds us of the six quarterbacks who were taken before Tom Brady in the 2000 NFL Draft:

Spergon Wynn

Chad Pennington - Round 1, Pick 18

Giovanni Carmazzi - Round 3, Pick 65

Chris Redman - Round 3, Pick 75

Tee Martin - Round 5, Pick 163

Marc Bulger - Round 6, Pick 168

Spergon Wynn (our favorite) - Round 6, Pick 183

Tom Brady - Round 6, Pick 199

More on Spergon: “Wynn played quarterback at Southwest Texas State, which is in the NCAA Football Sub-Division (1-AA) and was amongst the most successful QBs at the university. Wynn did manage three starts in 2001 when he replaced injured Daunte Culpepper and Todd Bauman to complete the season for the Vikings.

Wynn has been since banished to the CFL as a backup. If he’d only had the genius of Charlie Weis to elevate him to superstardom! (or at least that’s what we hear from the delusional Domers).