So Now You Can’t Use A Catheter In A Marathon?

What is this, Russia? Who else but a man named Jerry Johncock would be entwined in a controversy over using a catheter to help him pee during the Twin Cities Marathon? Race officials may strip him of his win in the men’s 80-84 age division after a “good samaratian” supplied him with a catheter so that he could finish the race.

(He should keep the medal just for inserting that thing)

Apparently in Minnesota there are people who watch the elderly run marathons and just happen to be in possession of spare catheters, which I think is fantastic. You know, if NASCAR allows pit stops, where all manner of tools are used, why not this? Read more…

Houston Marathon Runners Scalping Reserved Spots For Up To $500

MARATHON RUNNERS SCALPING SPOTS FOR FUN & PROFIT: Some runners for an upcoming race are hoping to cash in on their selective spots:

Marathon runners

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE jogs in with news that signees for the Houston Marathon have been auctioning off their registrations to the highest bidders.The January race had 17,000 spaces available for official entry, but the spots sold out quickly by September. Now desperate long-distancers have been willing to pay up to $500 for a chance to hoof it in Houston.

eBay Houston Marathon

Sole-less scalpers have been going to sites like eBay and Craigslist to offer up their numbered bibs, hoping to snag a hefty sum in return.Houston has become a popular destination for the running set. Race organizers say the Marathon has already helped sell out nine hotels in preparation for the event.

Houston Air Pollution

But we wonder why a city with a well-known air pollution problem would be such a hit with heavy breathers. Maybe the racers get high on the fumes.Then again, this is the same crowd that’s willing to pay over $200 for the chance to run 26 miles straight.