Heidi Watney Provides Some Great Fenway Views

Heidi Watney is starting to receive Erin Andrews-levels of obsession.

Heidi Watney Fenway Park bent over

Emmitt Smith will no longer be enjoyed on ESPN’s “NFL Countdown“.

• With Internet problems all around Beijing, Olympic Village athletes will have to get their porn the old fashioned way - from dirty books at the local bookshop.

• Meanwhile, gender testers at the Games just want to make sure girls will be girls.

• “Sun-ny day, beating the clouds away” - Cubs fans pummel a White Sox supporter while attending a 2-year-old’s Sesame Street birthday party.

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Manute Bol Sends Some Love Back to the Sudan

Despite being one of the greatest shot-blockers in NBA history, one thing basketball great Manute Bol isn’t blocking is money going to the Sudan.

Manute Bol on bass guitar

Yes, we know that’s a stretch of an opening line, but it’s really hard to get snarky and sarcastic when it comes to a 7-foot-7 giant with an even larger heart.

THE KANSAS CITY STAR reports that Bol, who grew up in the Sudan, “has started a grassroots effort to construct an eight-classroom brick facility for first- to fifth-grade students. Monday night was the first meeting to mobilize Kansas City and spread the word on the estimated $120,000 project.”

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Photo: Manute Bol Taking A Short Starbucks Stroll

HEADS UP! Here comes a 7-ft-7, 200-pounder from Sudan on an afternoon stroll in Some Town, America. A random photographer recently captured this classic moment in the life of legendary NBA baller Manute Bol.

Manute Bol Starbucks Run?

Bol sports a leather coat that is at least 5′-5″, while his intimidating frame seems to have caught the attention of at least one street gawker. It’s amazing how Bol, who lives in Kansas, can bust a move down a street and not be swarmed by throngs of adoring fans.

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Blogs: Dan Patrick Tape-Delayed in Major Markets

• MR. SUNSHINE saves it for later, as Dan Patrick’s radio show will be broadcast in many markets on tape-delay:

Dan Patrick Kingsford

• ALLBALLS takes a break, as they enjoy these amusing halftime spectacles.• WIZZNUTZZ via DEADSPIN knows a chicken box signed by Manute Bol & Spud Webb has to be finger lickin’ good.

• JEN’S FREE THROWS teases us with a first look at Venus Williams’ new ‘do:

Venus Williams new hair

• WAGGLE ROOM checks their report card, as teen golf sensation Tadd Fujikawa is letting his grades slip a bit.• PART MULE knows the Celtics are so good, Doc Rivers doesn’t even need to coach them.

• MONDESI’S HOUSE digs up a classic photo of a collegiate Dan Marino and his Pitt hitmen:

Dan Marino Pitt hitmen

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS checks their wallet, as it now costs a family of four nearly $500 to attend one Lakers game.• And if you decide not to head to Staples Center, you can always use that cash to buy the most expensive video games made.

• He can bring his own makeup: RIVALFISH scores news that Dennis Rodman wants to be a WNBA coach:

Dennis Rodman costume

The Worm should be able to provide proper motivation to his players.• CONSTRUDA discovers Tim Hardaway trying to make amends for his earlier anti-gay remarks.

• THE BOTTOM LINE hates Notre Dame, but even they aren’t having fun anymore with the suck of the Irish.