Wild Thing: Manny To Wear #99 For The Dodgers

Since fleeing from the Red Sox to the Dodgers yesterday, Manny Ramirez has a lot of decisions to make about joining his new team. But most important of all, he needs to pick a jersey number for his new L.A. duds.

Manny Ramirez hands on head

He can’t use 24 like he did in Boston, since the Dodgers retired it for Walter Alston. And he can’t use the inversed 42, since the entire league retired it for Jackie Robinson.

So the slugger might try to get as high as he can - and select #99.

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Brog: MLB “Ran Interference” For Ramirez Deal?

What a week for baseball here in Los Angeles. First, the normally trade deadline-dormant Angels wrangle Mark Teixeira away from the the Braves. Then soon after, the Dodgers have a life vest handy after Manny Ramirez is thrown overboard from the S.S. Lucchino.

Frank McCourt Fought (Green) Tooth And Nail To Complete Ramirez Deal

(With Ramirez deal, McCourt’s Dodgers no longer botoxed boxed in by Halos)

I heard Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt say today that the Ramirez deal was right up against the deadline, and that to assist in consumating the agreement, “the commissioner’s office ran interference.

The comment came after a press conference announcing the World Baseball Classic being held at Dodger Stadium in ‘09 - and a subsequent mention of the Ramirez trade being finalized. The main media has yet to pick up on the comment, which was aired on local Los Angeles sports radio.

Just exactly what McCourt’s remark means, I have no idea. But I’m guessing that Bud Selig & Co. were delighted to assist in any way to get Ramirez out of Boston - and into Los Angeles - where the Dodgers have long fallen flaccid in the local community.

Additionally, Curt Schilling gave perhaps the best indicator that the Red Sox would deal Ramirez at any cost this morning on his weekly WEEI-AM hit: Read more…

Manny To Be Manny In Dodger Blue - Traded to LA

Manny Ramirez is Tinseltown-bound, as the sour Red Sox slugger has been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Manny Ramirez measures up

(Manny shows how he’ll measure up when Paris Hilton eventually comes a-callin’)

In return, Boston secures the services of the Pirates’ Jason Bay, while Pittsburgh gets a quartet of minor leaguers (and we wouldn’t expect anything less for the Buccos). Read more…