Mangini Listens To NPR & Rap, Not Sports Talk

Nobody ever said that Eric Mangini was a bread and butter football coach. Not only are his motivational techniques cut from the same cloth as his former mentor turned divisional rival, New England’s Bill Belichick, his choice of drive-time radio is a bit out of whack with the New York majority.

eric mangini jets sesame street
(Now, if only Mangini could land that gig with The Wiggles …)

Rather than listen to WFAN, the longtime venting voice of New York fans, Mangini said in an interview with the ASSOCIATED PRESS that he’s a big fan of NPR (not a huge shock — he’s a Wesleyan grad whose made a Sesame Street appearance in the NEW YORK TIMES photo above, after all) and, brace yourself, “a little rap.”

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