NBA Teams Closer To Flying Commercial Again?

By now you probably know the Maloof brothers, the high-rolling owners of the Sacramento Kings. The Maloofs made their bones owning and operating the very cool Palms hotel in Vegas. Needless to say, this time five years ago, the family was flush with cash.

Joe and Gavin Maloof with bikini hotties

(Gavin (l) and Joe Maloof flying commercial now? I think they’ll live)

But the perfect storm has since hit the family, with Vegas suffering a catastrophic loss in visitors and the Kings having plummeted in the standings. So like most NBA teams these days, the Maloofs have laid off staff and made a myriad other organization cutbacks.

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Should Gov’t $$$ Be Used On New Kings Arena?

Are the Kings done in Sacramento? It’s looking increasingly likely, as the team is horrible and playing to a sparsely-populated Arco Arena on a nightly basis. It doesn’t help that Sacramento is also one of the hardest-hit areas in the housing crisis, and cities like San Jose and Anaheim that already have arenas are stepping forward as possible destinations.

Maloof brothers Joe left Gavin right

(It’s a rough time to be a Maloof)

Arco is the second-oldest arena in the league, but finding local funding for a new arena project is proving to be very challenging. There is one avenue that could be pursued, though: What if the Maloofs, the NBA, the city (ex-NBA player Kevin Johnson is now mayor), and the state can convince the federal government that a sports arena is a worthy recipient of stimulus funds?

Is a new sports arena worthy of receiving economic stimulus funds?

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Reggie Theus Fired; Is Still A Very Handsome Man

It’s Monday. If you’re an NBA coach, that means there’s a decent chance you’re getting fired. The latest to be thrown from the train is Kings coach Reggie Theus, whose coaching experience on “Hang Time” didn’t translate so well into the NBA. Although, to be fair, it’s not like he was given a whole lot to work with.

Reggie Theus poster

The Kings are an absolute mess right now. They’re retiring numbers of notorious floppers and the owner’s out having strokes. The only win in their last 11 games, oddly, is a 12-point victory over the Lakers. Maybe Reggie can now get back into coaching in the WAC and start getting clowned by kids from Utah again.

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Flailing Kings Retiring Jerseys Of Divac & Webber

The NBA has been hit hard in some cities by declining attendance, and perhaps no team has seen such a huge fall than the Sacramento Kings. Even in the ’80s and ’90s when the Kings rarely had a competitive team, the fans packed Arco Arena. But with the Kings returning to futility after several years of relevance, the fans have finally jumped off the bandwagon.

Sacramento Kings dance team drinking

(Drink up, Kings fans, it’s not getting better anytime soon)

So how are the Maloofs going to get butts back in the seats? Jersey retirements! That’s right, after the multiple NBA championships they brought to central California, Vlade Divac and Chris Webber’s numbers are going up to the rafters. I guess Lionel Simmons is busy or something.

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Robin Leach Shows Up At Vegas Housewarming Party For Sacramento Kings Owner Gavin Maloof

ROBIN LEACHES ON TO SAC KINGS OWNER’S HOUSE PARTY: Just when you thought you were safe from champagne wishes and caviar dreams, Robin Leach is back with a vengance. And he’s schmoozing aloofly with the Maloofs:

Gavin Maloof Robin Leach

Robin recently landed at the housewarming party of Gavin Maloof, co-owner of the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casino. The celebration of Gavin’s new Vegas digs had everything - Playboy bunnies, rap stars, and an A-list of celebrity athletes, all with photos to prove it!There was Barry Bonds looking for the juice bar, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. hiding out from Barack Obama. Cowboy buds Terrell Owens and Tony Romo were trying to hook up on passes, and Ron Artest was being his usual polite self.

Jeff Reed ex-Britney manager Larry Rudolph

We also thought Steelers kicker Jeff Reed had made an appearance, but turns out it was only Larry Rudolph, the ex-manager of Britney Spears.And even the Kings Dance Team was there, shaking and shimmying their money makers while in splendid silver.

Kings Dance Team Maloof party

If you were there, feel free to drop a congratulatory note on their MySpace page.And what of the actual house? Let Mr. Leach tell us in his own personable way (just picture the nasally accent):

It’s a mind-blowing, multi-million dollar palace perfect for a platinum playboy, and so luxurious and lavishly large you need a chauffeur-driven Segway scooter to go three floors from the upstairs bedroom’s balconies to the sub-level private movie-theater!


It comes complete with a swimming pool so long you could light a runway catwalk down it and still have room to stage a rock band at the other end!

There, wasn’t that nice? Need some aspirin? Or a handgun to blow your brains out? Both are in the cabinet.