Boys Won’t Play Against Girl For ‘Moral Reasons’

A brawl broke out between two Colorado youth football coaches on Monday night when one team refused to take the field because the other had a girl in its starting lineup. The coaches of the Eaton, Colorado team of 10- and 11-year-olds had expressed concerns over their boys hitting and tackling a girl due to “moral” and “religious” reasons.

Makayla Crespin

When Greeley showed up for the scrimmage and was told that Eaton wouldn’t play, Greeley assistant coach Nate Hernandez confronted Eaton coach Shawn Mills, and fisticuffs ensued. The police showed up, and Mills ended with with a bump and scratches over one eye.┬áThat’s just how they roll in Greeley, where the assistant coaches are tough, and the girls are tougher. Read more…