Cowherd Slams ‘Out Of Control’ Wall For Dancing

Wednesday nationally syndicated ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd harshly criticized Washington Wizard rookie John Wall’s pregame dance routine and “out of control” play Tuesday night against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Along with the audio of Cowherd’s comments, his remarks about Wall are transcribed below in italic. My response to his comments are in bold.

Cowherd: “I’m gonna call out John Wall….Before the game started, he spent 34 seconds doing the Dougie. That tells me all I need to know about J-Wow. Then he opened his mouth later and confirmed it: not a sharp guy. All about him. In that line last night, that 29-point line, when he was out of control, he had 8 turnovers. By the way, Rajon Rondo had 17 assists last night, 0 turnovers. Rajon’s got rings, Wall will never have one.”

Here’s the first thing Wall said after his 29 points, 13 assists and nine steals helped the Wizards defeat the 76ers 116-115 in overtime:

“Yeah, it was great, man, the one thing I want to really work on, though — great win for the team — but turnovers. I came back in and had nine or eight. That’s too many turnovers for this team.”

Wall’s Coach Flip Saunders addressed Cowherd’s criticism of his player to the media Thursday:

“John’s very professional, and so he wasn’t doing anything disrespectful to the game. I think the people probably enjoyed it.

“I’ll tell you what, if he has to dance to get 29 and 13 and 9 steals, and cut down on the turnovers, he can dance all he wants.”

Cowherd: “You all, go read the John Wall box score. Everybody’s fascinated. ESPN SportsCenter will probably do like 9 minutes on it. I’ll take the Rondo box score: 3 boards, 9 points, 17 assists, 4 steals, no turnovers….”

The game before Cowherd referenced, Rondo had seven turnovers against the Knicks on Oct. 29. In Wall’s first two NBA regular season games, he had a total of six turnovers.

Wall has played three games in his NBA career. Rondo has played over four seasons.

Cowherd: “Folks, when you rob a bank, it’s not just the act of it, it’s that you sat down for weeks and planned it. That tells me you’re an idiot. The act is just the final icing on the cake. The cake is you sat down for weeks and planned it.”

Did Ray Lewis plan this dance before the Super Bowl?

“Oh, I’m gonna get a lot of callers — Colin, he’s just having fun. What he did last night, Rondo never would, Isiah never would, J. Kidd never would, Stockton never would, Nash never would, Magic never would. Point guard is like the quarterback. it’s an IQ-judgment position. The great ones are not about themselves. They’re about the others. Leadership is IQ, it’s not skills.”

76ers head coach Doug Collins on Wall after the Wizards-Sixers game Tuesday night - the same game in which Wall danced during pregame introductions. Read more…

Magic: “No Problem” Cutting “Couple” NBA Teams

After reportedly raising nine figures from the sale of his Los Angeles Lakers ownership stake and 105 Starbucks stores, Magic Johnson volunteered to the media on multiple occasions last week that he was interested in new front office opps in the NBA and NFL.

Magic Johnson favors contraction

Most feel that a work stoppage next season for the NBA is a virtual lock, and possible future team owner Johnson did nothing to dissuade that sentiment in a recent interview with the NAPLES (FL) NEWS. Read more…

Magic: Lakers Sale Prelude To Pistons Takeover?

Today the Lakers announced that Magic Johnson was selling his 4.5% ownership stake in the franchise.

Magic Johnson Tom Izzo

(If Magic Joins Pistons, Izzo’s down)

Johnson has owned shares of the team for over 10 years, so why is he formally breaking from the only NBA team he’s ever been associated with?

Three months ago Scott Howard-Cooper of reported that Johnson had been part of a group that had recently attempted to buy the Golden State Warriors. That opportunity fell through, but had Johnson’s partners been able to secure ownership of the team, Howard-Cooper reported, “Johnson would have sold what is believed to be a five-percent stake in the Lakers for a larger, but unknown portion, in Golden State.

Johnson also made it known on the record at that time that he was very interested in joining the Detroit Pistons organization if it meant a significant front office position combined with a possible ownership stake. (The Pistons are up for sale by Karen Davidson, wife of the late Bill Davidson.)

Here’s Johnson back in August on the opportunity to return to his home state to help oversee the Pistons: Read more…

We Are All Revisionists: Magic Admits Teaming Up

Tuesday Magic Johnson told Bloomberg News he would’ve never teamed up with other star NBA players the way LeBron James elected to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat:

Magic and LeBron

Magic: “We didn’t think about it ’cause that’s not what we were about. From college, I was trying to figure out how to beat Larry Bird.

Unfortunately for Johnson, newspaper archives exist. Specifically, the June 5, 1991, edition of the LOS ANGELES TIMES in which Johnson essentially admitted to doing exactly what James recently did. Read more…

Ex-Lakers Reporter Obliterates Wilt’s 20,000 Myth

Last week I published an excerpt from Roland Lazenby’s upcoming biography of Lakers great Jerry West. The snippet detailed sexual activity by the Lakers during the Showtime era - which was headlined by Magic Johnson. Lazenby has a fascinating follow on his blog today that expounds on the sexual proclivities of the Lakers and the NBA at large.

Wilt didn't sleep with 20,000 women

Though you should definitely read the entire blog post, I’ll highlight something I found interesting. In Lazenby’s piece, former longtime LOS ANGELES HERALD-EXAMINER Lakers beat writer Doug Krikorian completely debunks Wilt Chamberlain’s claim that he slept with 20,000 women.

Doug, who is a friend of mine, actually doesn’t just debunk the myth, he obliterates it with “firsthand” knowledge. And Doug is as credible as they get. Read more…

Lakers Postgame Sauna Sex Came Before Press

More excerpts are hitting the main press from Roland Lazenby’s highly-anticipated new book on Jerry West, courtesy Bob Wolfley of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL.

Jerry West

(Jerry West: The Life and Legend of a Basketball Icon, is out Feb. 23)

Lazenby reported in the book of the Lakers postgame scene in the ’80s - at the aptly-named Forum - that sounds like something out of Roman times:

“The team’s locker room, and its sauna, had been a place where the star and other players had entertained women, even right after games. Johnson would retire to the sauna after a game, have sex, then put on a robe and return to the locker room for his postgame media interviews.”

(Best crosstown Clippers could do was vomitorium installed by Elgin for fans at Staples years later.)

Now for the really crazy part. West, who ran the team in those days, doesn’t admit to Lazenby’s specific claim but essentially confirms it. Read more…

Week In Review: McNair Shot & Killed By Mistress

• Police have determined that 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi shot & killed ex-Titans QB Steve McNair, ruling the deaths a murder-suicide.

Sahel Kazemi Thong Bikini Photo Steve McNair Mistress

• Seems sadly ironic that McNair had filmed a PSA about suicide prevention just a few weeks before. And Steve’s wife was reportedly “blindsided” by her husband’s affair.

• Interesting that Sahel had recently put up all her furniture for sale. More interesting that her ex-boyfriend performed a rap about shooting someone.

• During Michael Jackson’s memorial service, Magic Johnson recalls his fondest memory of the “King of Pop” - sittin’ on the floor & eatin’ KFC.

• FIU’s cheerleading squad is saved. Thank you, bikini car wash!

Read more…

Magic Johnson Eulogizes MJ With KFC (w/Video)

Michael Jackson was laid to rest this afternoon with a star-studded (and taxpayer-funded) memorial service that included Mariah Carey swinging ‘n’ missing and Stevie Wonder hitting a home run. (Seems like kind of a weak analogy, with the blindness and all, but whatever - Stevie was way better.) But there were plenty more stars than just those two, some of whom were thoughtful enough not to sing.

KFC Magic Johnson Michael Jackson

(Ever think that the Colonel’s tie was actually a small body dancing like Michael Jackson? Did I just blow your mind?*)

As we reported earlier, two such stars were Laker greats Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson, because AEG needed to cynically leverage their Lakers/Staples Center assets in order to maximize exposure and advertising dollars since they’re on the hook for MJ’s lost concert revenue everybody needed to know what Kobe Bryant thinks about the late Michael Jackson. Frankly, any Kobe speech that didn’t include something along the lines of “Can you imagine if I blatantly ripped my act off this MJ instead?!” seems like a waste, but we’re getting greedy.

When it was Magic’s turn to speak, though, he went a route that was at once surprising and, really, not even slightly surprising.

Read more…

Kobe Bryant To Be At The Jacko Memorial (Woo!)

Kobe Bryant is bad, he’s bad, you know it (come on). So Bryant is going to be one of the big celebrities at the Michael Jackson Memorial on Tuesday; of course he is. But what I’m unclear on is what his function will be at the big party - will he favor us with a tune? Break out a red leather jacket? Reenact the “Black or White” video with Luke Walton as Macauley Culkin? The answers are shrouded in mystery.

What is known: Magic Johnson will also be there, along with thousands of others who were lucky enough to get tickets by whatever means or form of random drawing they used. And because what this thing needed more of was additional celebrities, let’s throw in Berry Gordy, Brooke Shields, Smokey Robinson, Lionel Richie, Usher, Martin Luther King III, and, in a bit of troubling irony, Shaheen Jafargholi, the 12-year-old who was a finalist on the latest edition of “Britain’s Got Talent” recently. Read more…

Half of Richest African-Americans Linked to Sport

A recent FORBES ranking shows that despite the real and perceived advances in the last generation, 10 of the 20 wealthiest African-Americans have a strong relationship to sports, either as a player or an owner.  Oprah Winfrey, as expected, leads the list by a long shot, garnering $2.7 billion through shrewd investment and media moguling.

David Lettermam Oprah Winfrey Super Bowl

(”I could buy and sell you with my Dr. Phil profits alone”)

However, Tiger Woods follows at $600 million and growing.  From there, Robert Johnson (Charlotte Bobcats owner) and Michael Jordan (Bobcats president) lead a procession that implies the best way to become a wealthy black man is still to hit the gym or own one.

Read more…