SI Editor Spanks Staff Over Tiger-As-Christ Idea

Two weeks ago, SbB reported (via TIGER WOODS IS GOD) that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED issued a casting call for famous golfer look-alikes to pose for a SI cover portraying Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” - with Tiger Woods as Jesus.

Tiger Woods Last Supper Cover Si Casting Call

Here’s a screenshot of the casting call, which clearly stated SI’s intentions.

This week, in tersely worded statement on SI sister site, SI Magazine Group Editor Terry McDonnell responded to the cover possibility and subsequent casting call. Read more…

SI Cover Art Budget Could Use Some Beefing Up

We find it amusing how the media does back flips trying to make Tiger Woods interesting. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is certainly doing it’s part, by planning a cover of Woods which will resemble Da Vinci’s Last Supper Canvas. Woods will be flanked by famous golfers who will appear as apostles. One thing though, the subjects will be played by look-alikes. Here’s SI’s casting announcement for the piece:

Tiger Woods Last Supper Cover Si Casting Call

(click to see full document)

The cover will likely break sometime in April (right before The Masters, no doubt). We love Fuzzy Zoeller as Judas. But Craig Stadler somehow makes the cut, and no John Daly? If they want John Goodman for the shoot, SI editors better make the much-need adjust.

We also find it amusing that the look-alikes will not be paid for participation (Stadler look-alike is probably good with Cracker Barrel catering alone, though).

Tiger Woods Creation Of Adam

The website TIGER WOODS IS GOD, which tipped us on the news, is way ahead of SI in linking Woods to a deity. Head over there for more slap-happy Tiger Woods-as-god fun and frolic (including the obligatory church music wav greeting)!