Roger Federer Isn’t Dead, Beats Nadal On Clay

If you were tasked to name every male tennis player who won a major tournament in the last three years, the list would likely have gone Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, then you’d start trying to make up Eastern European names in hopes of lucking into a right answer (sorry, but there’s nobody in the WTA named “Dverjevicbliczic“). Like it or not, that’s the scope of public knowledge about modern men’s tennis, and Nadal’s recent ownership of Federer has even pushed that rivalry to the sidelines.

Nadal Federer Dishes
(Good old tennis, where your trophies are also handy kitchenware.)

So when Federer and Nadal met today in the Madrid Open on clay, Nadal’s most dominant surface, it was pretty much assumed that Nadal would roll. Nadal is still hitting his prime, after all, while Federer seems to have been fading as of late. Not so much, however; Federer rolled, 6-4, 6-4. Read more…