I Think The Price Of Madden 2010 Just Increased

As somebody who grew up playing Madden just like the rest of you, one of the things I always found annoying about the game was how the classic teams never had the player’s actual names.  Now I would play with the 85 Bears more often than any other team, and although I knew that RB #34 was Walter Payton, it still would have been nice to see his actual name on there.

It would seem that I’m not the only one who feels this way.  Apparently the players who were on those teams would have enjoyed seeing their names on the screen as well while watching their grandsons play.   After all, there’s a nice chunk of change to be made from those licensing rights, and it shouldn’t just be divided amongst the current players in the NFL.   And now, thanks to a U.S. Federal jury, it won’t be.

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