Super Bowl Or No, So Many Steelers Dying Young

There are statistical oddities and then there are incredibly troubling statistical trends. This story falls under the latter, and it’s sure to put a damper on Pittsburgh optimism heading into Sunday’s Super Bowl. Even if they win, they’re sure to lose many of their heroes to an relatively early death, if the trends inspected in this story from the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL continue.

steve courson dead steelers
(Steve Courson, One of 21 Steelers who died young in the past 12 years.)

According to research by SUN-SENTINEL Sports Columnist David Hyde, a whopping 21 former Steelers have died in the past 12 years, and all were younger than 60. Some have come of natural causes. Some have come from freak accidents — the strangest has to be Steve Courson, who was felled by a tree, literally — and some have come from causes that may have been brought on by football — Steve Furness’s heart attack primary among them — but all of the deaths have been startling.

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Tell Me - Where in the World Are the Miami Heat?

On any given night, finding a key member of the Miami Heat organization can be quite a chore. So many excuses and destinations have been formulated that it can require the sleuthing powers of the finest detective minds the world can offer. Like yours.

Sunday’s contest against the Dallas Mavericks proved no different than any other night recently. Only nine Heat players logged minutes in the 25-point loss despite the game never resembling a competition. So where was everybody yesterday? Play along with us as we start yet another edition of “Where in the World Are the Miami Heat?”.


Hit it, Rockapella!
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