‘7 Restaurant’ Not Affiliated With Mike Vick. Riiight

Suppose - just suppose - there were a “7 Restaurant” that popped up in the middle of Virginia, just about 100 miles from where Michael Vick went to college at Virginia Tech. Also, just suppose there are pictures of Vick on the wall. And jerseys of his. It wouldn’t take too much of a leap in logic to assume it’s his restaurant, right?

Michael Vick Andre Kendrick 7 Restaurant

Ah, not so. First of all, thanks to bankruptcy, he doesn’t have any money. Further, the restaurant was indeed started by a standout Virginia Tech Hokie from that 2000 runner-up team, but that would be Andre Kendrick, not Vick. Incredibly, according to DIGITALCITY.COM, Kendrick and his co-owner say the restaraunt’s name has “no association” with Vick. Thank God; there’s no telling what the menu would look like.

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