Vitale Was Right: Olson Officially Out As UA Coach

Earlier today I speculated that Dick Vitale’s report this morning that Lute Olson was stepping down as Arizona baskebtall coach might not turn out to be accurate - because Olson would stay on just to spite the ESPNer’s scoop. Well, Vitale was indeed correct, as the ARIZONA DAILY STAR has just confirmed Lute Olson is out as Univ. of Arizona basketball coach.

Lute Olson Arizona Wildcat statue


Lute Olson will step down as head basketball coach of the Arizona Wildcats, according to the fathers of two top UA recruits who said they were informed by the assistant coaches this morning. Read more…

Vitale: Lute Olson Stepping Down From Arizona

Last season Arizona Wildcats coach Lute Olson took a year off from the team. While an official reason for for his leave of absence was never given, the school did say that it had nothing to do with health reasons, and then a few days later we found out Olson had filed for divorce from his wife.

Well it looks like Olson enjoyed that year off, because he missed practice on Wednesday and skipped an appearance at a local Rotary Club event as well. The school said Lute was just sick and has laryngitis, but according to ESPN’s Dick Vitale, that isn’t the case. He says that Olson is just stepping down as coach.

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