Bloggie Doggie: Even Erin Couldn’t Save The Bee

Erin Andrews was supposed to sexify the National Spelling Bee, but THE GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS says that didn’t happen.

Erin Andrews gets the pageviews

(If I didn’t share a picture of her, you wouldn’t have paid attention to this post.)

• Player access? What problem with player access? The NEW YORK TIMES’ Tyler Kepner gets an impromptu crash course on sweet spot hitting from Orioles slugger Luke Scott.

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Orioles Now A Big (Concealed) Gun In The AL East

Professional athletes lead different lives than the rest of us. They travel incessantly and don’t see their families for weeks at a stretch. Strangers ask them to sign scraps of paper and hold their babies for a round of pictures. Their careers end before they turn 40, leaving them ill-prepared for a world that doesn’t need a left-handed ball hurler.

Snipes and DeNiro in The Fan

And, if the Baltimore Orioles are any measure, someone’s constantly shoving guns in their faces, forcing many of them to carry concealed weapons most anywhere that doesn’t require a uniform with stirrups.

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