Hunting Down Hockey Hotties; Cooley’s Coupling

The Indians’ C.C. Sabathia really knows how to stink up the joint.

Patrick Kane is Russian out his picks for the hottest hockey groupies.

Pittsburgh Penguins hockey hottie

Chris Cooley caught himself a keeper in the lovely Christy.

Luis Gonzalez is mad at Miami for missing out on the Marlins.

• One Atlanta baseball fan is Brave enough to risk a foolish fatal fall.

• Chelsea fans get muted in Moscow, but are able to bash about in Britain.

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We Didn’t Know Fish Had Any Fans (Thanks Luis!)

For as long as Luis Gonzalez has been doing steroids? playing Major League Baseball, you would think he’d be aware of the notorious reputation of South Florida baseball fans.

Apparently not.

Luis Gonzalez

The marquee game of the young MLB season was last night here in Miami, as the first place Marlins took on Brandon Webb and the D’Backs, as Webb vied for his 10th(!) win to start the season.

True to form here in South Florida, the announced attendance for the game was 11,227, but the actual turnstile count was more like 5,000 at Dolphins Stadium.

Gonzalez used that turnout to call out Marlins fans after the game, in a comment reported by the MIAMI HERALD today (and aired by local Miami radio station WQAM-AM this morning): Read more…