Blog-O-Rama: BCS Game Delays Louisiana Trial

• 100% INJURY RATE knows nothing can stop the wheels of justice turning in Louisiana - except tickets to an LSU game:

painted LSU fan

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS isn’t as impressed with Randy Moss possibly breaking Jerry Rice’s season TD record.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS doesn’t seem to be so keen on the NFL’s tree-planting policy in Arizona.

• We miss the Poulan WeedEater: EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY chugs down the PetroSun Independence Bowl drinking game.

• Postage due: BABES LOVE BASEBALL takes a look at the Christmas cards they’ve received this season:

Elijah Dukes Christmas card

• MR. IRRELEVANT hungers at news that a famous DC chili eatery may be serving up their scrumptious slop at the Nat’s new ballpark.

• SIGNAL TO NOISE tells SD QB Philip Rivers to put a lid on it.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING learns that the NFL Network is going all-out with the Pats’ pursuit of perfection. Too bad nobody can see it.