Derek Lowe’s $5.7M “Shack Of Sin” Up For Sale

Well, we here in Lipstick City absolutely can’t wait for the Dodgers to collapse down the stretch bring playoff baseball back to The Basin. Of course, my radar is currently out for any and all exciting Dodger news. So along with Jeff Kent’s annual charity Lemon Sucking Festival in Monrovia going off yesterday afternoon without a hitch, I’ve got some Derek Lowe dish.

Derek Lowe Carolyn Hughes

My favorite #1 #2 #3 #4 starter making $9M-per has put his 4,260 square-foot Manhattan Beach home on the market (nice timing). Asking price? THE REAL ESTALKER reports $5.7M (good luck).

A steep asking price, but when you’re staring stiff alimony and child support payments in the face after a reported marriage-busting affair with former Fox Sports Net anchor Carolyn Hughes, I guess it’s understandable.

Your Mama” from the real estate blog has some of the sordid particulars of Lowe’s alleged extracurriculars…

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