Minor League Teams Get Into Major-League Fight

• Chiefs & Dragons get all fired up in a heated minor league basebrawl.

Minor League Fight

• One offended lady was able to put a stop to the Lowell Spinners’ “Politically Incorrect Night” - Mother Nature.

Devin Hester’s mighty holdout from the Bears lasts all of two days.

• The Tar Heels run away from the chance to face Appalachian State.

• The Phillies aren’t flattered by Jose Reyes’ one-fingered celebration.

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Mother Nature Rains on Politically Incorrect Parade

The Lowell Spinners planned on giving out pink potholders to the first 250 ladies who attended Thursday night’s game against the State College Spikes, as a part of the Red Sox affiliate’s “Politically Incorrect Night” promotion. Unfortunately, no women showed up. The lack of females was not a result of the ladies being too busy burning their bras in protest of the promotion, or because they were stuck in the kitchen.

Sexy Chef

Another woman with a little bit of power seemed to be offended by the antics of the Class A team and was able to step in and have the game canceled. Mother Nature dumped precipitation all over New England last night, causing the game and the promotion to be rained out.

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