Erin Andrews To Be In Next EA Sports CFB Game

• The best reason to buy EA Sports’ next college football video game? The addition of the other EA: Erin Andrews.

Erin Andrews fullbody

John Madden lays down his last “BOOM!”, decides to call it quits.

• The NBA Playoff pairings are finally set. (All just a formality before the inevitable Kobe-LeBron finals?)

• Speaking of, the Celtics may have to spend their postseason without the services of Kevin Garnett.

Shaq’s Barber Shop is now open for business! First reluctant customer: Suns teammate Louis Amundson.

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Shaq Snips Up Some Revenge on Suns Teammate

While he’s best known these days for telling everybody where he is on Twitter, Shaquille O’Neal has also been known as the most dominant center to ever play the game of basketball. He’s also quite the practical joker, as there has seldom been a teammate who hasn’t felt the wrath of Shaq’s sense of humor. Of course, when you play so many jokes on people, sooner or later it’s going to come back to haunt you.

That finally happened on Tuesday when Shaq’s teammate Louis Amundson filled O’Neal’s car with about a million little pink styrofoam pieces (video of which can be seen here). Shaq immediately vowed revenge on Amundson for his prank, and it didn’t take him very long to get it.

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Zach Slugs Suns Center For Trying To ‘Kiss Him’

In the 2nd quarter of the Clippers’ embarrassing 140-100 loss to Phoenix last night, Zach Randolph blasted the Suns’ Louis Amundson with a left cross after the two got tangled up in the paint. Why would Zach launch such a zinger into an opponent’s mug just three days removed from Valentine’s Day? Randolph claims that Amundson was getting a little too amorous.

Zach Randolph Louis Amundson

(C’mon, Zach - how do you say no to those eyes?)

I know how Zach feels. You’re just minding your own business, playing some hoops out on the court, and then out of nowhere some dude on the other team just steps up and tries to start making out with you. At least, that’s the story Randolph is sticking to for why he slugged Amundson. Amundson is kind of a pretty boy, rocking the blond hair and the ponytail, but if Zach was his type of guy he probably would’ve at least waited until garbage time to make his move.

Video of the rebuffed advance after the jump:

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