Buckner .. Bartman .. Josh Beckett’s Pregnant Wife

Mystified by the Red Sox’s lost season, yesterday I turned to where every sports fan goes to glean inside information about the world of sports they can’t get anywhere else: sports talk radio.

And with what I learned from Lou Merloni on ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt Show, all I can say is Josh Beckett’s pregnant wife should be ashamed of herself!

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Red Sox Not Amused By “Steroid Doctor” Rumors

In the wake of Manny Ramirez’s PED suspension - perhaps you’ve heard a bit about it - everything about his career has come under increased scrutiny, especially his glory years in Boston. It’s only fair, as long as “scrutiny” doesn’t cross the line into “assumed guilt.” Scrutiny isn’t evidence, it’s looking for evidence.

Dan Duquette Needle
(”Dr. Steroid, do you have anything to add?”)

Oh, but then there’s former infielder Lou Merloni. On Saturday, he told Comcast’s THE BASEBALL SHOW that during his Red Sox stint, he’d attended a spring training meeting where a doctor taught the players about how to properly use steroids. Eeeep.

Merloni has since backed off a bit, telling the BOSTON GLOBE that the doctor was in no way endorsing the PEDs, but advising against improper use (overuse, needle misuse, etc.). There’s a jarringly apt analogy that we’ll get into later. Fortunately, the Red Sox brass are taking this in stride. Just kidding, they’re on the warpath: Read more…