Batgirl Beauties Keep Karim Comfortable In Korea

Karim Garcia’s MLB career hasn’t exactly been a smashing success. In fact, the only smashing Karim had succeeded in doing was brawling with a Fenway Park groundskeeper during the 2003 ALCS. After suiting up for seven different teams in 10 seasons, Karim decided to continue his career in the Far East - first in Japan, and now Korea.

Karim Garcia Korea

You’d think you might feel a bit sorry for Garcia having to travel halfway across the world to play the sport he loves. But by the looks of things, Karim has plenty to keep him contented in Korea - thanks to the beauties they use as batgirls.

(More pics after the jump.)

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You Do Not Take Cheerleaders Away From Korea

Soccer hooligans and drunken Pistons crowds have nothing on the latest bad boys of fandom: those crazy Lotte Giants supporters.

Korean Police Separate Fans

Clearly not taking their team’s poor performance in the Korean Baseball Organization’s playoffs well, fans have turned the Busan-based team’s home games into war zones, complete with riot police walling off the rowdiest of fans. Those fans, in the words of Giants manager Jerry Royce, being “the best I’ve ever seen.

In game 1 of what the KOREA TIMES calls the “Fall Classic” with a straight face, the Giants were blown out by their archrivals, the Samsung Lions. Fans responded by littering the field with garbage and fighting with Lions supporters.

In response the Lions pulled their cheerleaders from game 2. It was on. (Obligatory cheerleader pic after the jump.)

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